Physical season 2, episode 8 recap – “Don’t You Run and Hide”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 22, 2022
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Confessions all around in another gripping installment as the cast start to mentally break down. There’s honesty and frailty in the latest chapter, with the show improving all the time.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Physical season 2, episode 8, “Don’t You Run and Hide,” contains spoilers.

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Building on last week’s momentum, Physical is back with another solid instalment. The main characters continue to battle their own inner demons, with Danny reassessing his life, Sheila pushing for further success and new character Vincent Green making a welcomed return.\

Physical season 2, episode 8 recap

The episode opens with Sheila clearly defying her husband’s advice and venturing to Vinnie Green’s instead of booking herself into rehab. This was always on the cards for Sheila though, who puts her career before her own health every time. She accepts Vincent’s previous offer, stating what an honor it would be to work with the TV sensation. Sheila extends her hand to shake on the agreement, but he ignores the proposition and takes her on a whirlwind tanning session instead, where we get to delve into both fitness instructor’s caged psyches a little more.

Danny is kicked out of his own environmental group by Wanda and takes the rejection to heart. She claims that he doesn’t care about saving the local environment. When he ponders this statement, he actually agrees with her. Danny walks to the beach, with Elton John blasting from his headphones. He talks to nature frankly, admitting his selfishness and indifference to the cause. The politician then decides to make amends, becoming one with nature and rushing into the water.

Bunny and Tyler frantically pack for their quick escape. They want to lay low down in Mexico, spending their blackmail earnings and hiding from those they wronged. Tyler wishes to say goodbye to the beach before vacating and here their storyline synchs up with Danny’s. Tyler spies Danny drowning in the sea and dives in to save him. Feeling indebted to the couple, Danny invites them over to his place for a meal. He lies, saying Sheila is away at a spa retreat and the couple pressure him for some honesty.

Sheila shadows Vinnie for the day, as he goes about his hectic work schedule. She witnesses him blast an employee and then he shows off his luscious mansion. We’re introduced to his partner Marika (Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn) once again. Vinnie’s controlling business partner and sham wife is horrid to Sheila, spotting a new rival in her midst. Later, Vinnie overhears Sheila on the phone to Danny, where she keeps up her lie about the treatment facility. He then shows her his man cave, fitted with a jukebox and train set. The fitness guru has been confined to the garage, although he continues to downplay Marika’s hold over him.

Vinnie and Sheila pop some pills and then begin to open up to one another. He manages to coax a full confession from Sheila, who admits to being bulimic, arguing with voices in her head, having an affair with a married man and being molested as a child. The duo then dance off their worries and Sheila turns the tables, probing Vinnie for answers. He isn’t as honest, but vaguely divulges his true relationship with Marika and his sexuality.

Danny makes his own confessions, reading from his journals about loving literature and hating politics. He concedes that his campaign trail achieved absolutely nothing and that Sheila cheated on him. The ex-politician is feeling rather low, but to make matters worse, Tyler lets slip that Sheila was sleeping with his archenemy all along, a shocking reveal that Danny was not expecting.

The ending

Vinnie takes Sheila to an infomercial shoot. He’s been arguing with Marika all day over what to wear and with his new bestie by his side, he finally stands up to her. It doesn’t last long though and he ends up crying on the floor of the shoot, pleading for her to go and find Marika for him. Sheila is furious that she let her guard down and was sucked in by this fraud. She screams at herself in the car, admitting that she is not mentally well and that this bi-polar arrangement she has going on just isn’t working anymore.

In the final shot, Danny goes to visit Sheila at her rehab center, but the lady on the desk informs him that they don’t have a Sheila Rubin registered at the facility. The look on Danny’s face says it all, he has been duped. Well, Physical has really upped its game in the last few instalments, delivering a second stellar episode in a row. Hopefully the last few episodes of the season continue in a similar vein.

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