Physical season 2, episode 9 recap – “Don’t You Want to Get Better”

By Adam Lock
Published: July 29, 2022
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Physical season 2, episode 9 recap – “Don’t You Want to Get Better”


The show tackles mental health and eating disorders in a frank and realistic fashion. It’s a commendable detour in the penultimate episode that includes reflection and some real feel-good moments.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Physical season 2, episode 9 contains spoilers. You can check out all our coverage of this show by clicking these words.

Season two nears its end with this week’s penultimate episode, “Don’t You Want to Get Better”. Sheila has finally been caught out by husband Danny for her two greatest lies. She skipped the rehab retreat, which was supposed to aid in her recovery from her eating disorder and Danny is now fully aware of her affair with John Breem. In episode nine, Sheila must decide whether to continually fight her addictions or face them truthfully and openly in a thought-provoking instalment.

Physical season 2, episode 9 recap

We jump forward two weeks and find Sheila gushing about the wonders of this rehab facility. She feels like a new person, with a new outlook on life. The fitness guru says how she has never felt this good before and can’t thank her counsellor enough. The group silently judge Sheila and her lies, but one therapy member calls her out, berating Sheila and labelling her as deluded. The counsellor asks if she thinks she is actually ready to leave. It’s a voluntary course after all and she is free to go whenever she pleases, but something is compelling her to stay this time around.

Sheila knows that this is good for her and that she has a problem, yet there’s a nagging voice in the back of her head telling her that this is wasted time and her business is failing without her full attention. This mental battle comes to a head during a mindful eating class, where the clients eat an orange very slowly, concentrating on all their senses and the taste of the fruit. Sheila stands up and screams midway through, verbalizing her distaste for this hippy dippy hokum.

Then Danny visits with daughter Maya. He wastes no time in explaining to Sheila just how angry he truly is with her. This is the final straw for Danny, who has put up with a lot before, even accepting her unfaithful ways, but he struggles to let go of these latest revelations. Maya tells her mother that they are buying a dog and Sheila seems hopeless to Danny’s whims. She believes he will be seen as the hero no matter what happens next. Danny states how mad he is with Sheila, but is proud she is seeking help. It’s an odd detour for the penultimate episode, killing the previous episode’s momentum, but one that works wonders in its second act.

Sheila is pushed into venting and rants about each individual member of the group. Her verbal attacks are demeaning and personal, but the group actually appreciate her outburst. The counsellor says thank you for finally showing up and another member says welcome to recovery. The entire circle stand and embrace Sheila in a spine-tingling feel good moment. From here on out, Sheila starts to embrace the process, really getting involved in the treatment and is all the better for it. She opens up and faces her problems.

During couple’s therapy, Danny tells Sheila that he is over her and has a job interview, then at night she witnesses the counsel leader backsliding and vomiting in the toilet. Sheila assesses her options and concludes that she may need to start a totally new business venture. Greta comes to pick her up, advising that she doesn’t give in so easily. Back at her car and Sheila has a boot-full of letters waiting for her. Each letter is from a fan, thanking her for the fitness tapes, with one saying you changed my life. Sheila looks reenergized by this touching gift, ready to get her business back on track in the season finale.

You can stream Physical season 2, episode 9, “Don’t You Want to Get Better”, exclusively on Apple TV+.

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