Better Call Saul season 6, episode 10 recap – “Nippy”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 26, 2022
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Episode 10 may feel underwhelming after the dramatic previous chapter, but seeing Jimmy in his new miserable life again is worth watching.

This recap of Better Call Saul season 6, episode 10, “Nippy,” contains spoilers.

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After the timelines join up in the last episode, chapter 10 sees Jimmy enjoying his miserable new life working at Cinnabon at the mall. The grey color scale returns. Let’s recap episode 10!

Better Call Saul season 6, episode 10 recap

Episode 10 begins in a supermarket in the post-Breaking Bad timeline. An older woman named Marion is shopping. She makes her way home in her mobility scooter but gets stuck on the ice. Jimmy (now called Gene) is nearby, putting up missing posters for a dog named Nippy, and this starts a conversation between them. Jimmy helps push her off the ice. However, her mobility scooter does not work, so he pushes her all the way home. Jimmy may be living a new life, but he still manages to find ways to scheme.

Jimmy heads inside Marion’s home for a drink and meets Marion’s son Jeffie, who seems nervous and apprehensive. When Jimmy heads outside to take out the trash, it turns out Jeffie and Jimmy know each other. Jeffie threatens to give him up to the police as “Saul Goodman,” but Jimmy tells him he can place him in “the game” for a better life.

After working at Cinnabon, Jimmy heads to the mall security room and speaks to the security officer Nick. He thanks him for calling the EMT when he fainted and brings Nick and his colleague Frank some food from Cinnabon.

As Frank eats, Jimmy watches him intently, and then as Frank talks about a sports game, he sets a timer on his watch. Jimmy stops the timer when Frank finishes eating and leaves the security room. The next day, Jimmy brings Frank and Nick food again in the same routine as the day before. Jimmy talks to Frank about sport once again while timing him. He repeats this routine daily, and it’s almost ritualistic between the men. Every time Frank eats, Jimmy eyes the security footage.

As part of his elaborate plan, Jimmy trains Jeffie and another acquaintance on how to perform a robbery at the mall. Jeffie is nervous about the plans to steal from the mall. There’s only a 3-minute window — the window where Frank eats his Cinnabon dessert and doesn’t look at the footage.

The next day, as part of Jimmy’s plans, cargo is delivered to one of the retail stores, but the store manager is not happy with the delivery — it’s a spray system, and she makes it clear that they do not sell them kind of items and asks for it to be returned. She rings Jimmy, believing he’s the cargo manager. Jimmy offers to help get rid of the cargo in “four hours.” Getting impatient, the store manager offers to hold the box overnight. Jeffie is inside the box.

And so, Jimmy’s elaborate plan begins, bringing a dessert for Frank and distracting him in the security room. He texts Jeffie, asking him to start the robbery. Jeffie runs around the retail store stealing specific clothes that Jimmy has listed while also replacing stolen items, so the store team does not get suspicious. Jeffie ends up falling over and knocking himself out unconscious. As Frank is about to turn around and look at the CCTV footage, Jimmy pretends to have an emotional breakdown, stating he has no one and that if he died, not a single person would care. Jeffie manages to complete the robbery while Frank sympathizes with Jimmy.

The next day, Jeffie walks around the store, which is now open. The box that Jeffie was in is now full of clothes, which is picked up. Jeffie leaves the store free.

The ending

Jimmy’s acquaintances celebrate over the expensive clothes they have stolen. Jimmy tells them the crimes they have committed and that it’s mutually assured destruction; if he goes down, they go down with him. He tells both men that they are not friends and forces them to say, “we’re done” — this is a “one-time thing.” But then, Marion asks Jimmy for more of his company, and he cannot get out of it. Marion asks him about Nippy. Jimmy tells her the dog was with his family the whole time.

The next day, Jimmy heads to the same retail store and looks around, noticing the store manager as he does. He checks out more fancy clothes before walking back out.

Episode 10 may feel underwhelming after the dramatic previous chapter, but seeing Jimmy in his new miserable life again is worth watching.

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