Players season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

July 28, 2022
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The season finale brings us everything we want and hints at a potential season two, which I am all for.

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The season finale brings us everything we want and hints at a potential season two, which I am all for.

This recap of Paramount+ series Players season 1, episode 10, “Yuumi” — the finale and ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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We have reached the season finale of Players. Last week we saw the backstory of the big choke by Creamcheese in the 2016 LCS final. We also saw Fugitive gaming jump out to a 2-0 lead in the 2021 LCS finals but quickly things made a turn for the worst. Will Fugitive and Creamcheese win their first-ever championship? Let’s dive in.

Players season 1, episode 10 recap – the finale and ending explained

The episode kicks off with the crew backstage and flustered while Creamcheese is down on the bathroom floor crying. Kyle heads into the bathroom to try and talk to Creamcheese, hoping to get his head back on straight. We see Foresite come onto the stage with massive confidence and hear that he has never lost a game five. So if they win game four, they might be a lock for the comeback.

Kyle talks to Creamcheese. Creamcheese knows that everyone is talking about him. Kyle reminds him to stop playing selfishly and work as a team to win this game. Kyle gives a speech and says they won’t make it to game five and are winning game four.

Creamcheese looks over at Organizm and says he is going to pick Yuumi. Everyone is confused because Yuumi is the magical cat, and him picking him forces his teammate to pick up the extra slack. The battle ensues, TSM is kicking their butts, and everyone is still questioning Creamcheese’s decision.

Coms are at an all-time high, and Creamcheese tells Organizm he got this and responds that he does. Next, Creamcheese gives us the background of Yuumi and the character’s meaning. Yuumi was lost, and Creamcheese felt like he was Yuumi. He thought Foresite was his Nora the entire time, but in the end, it was Organizm. Honestly, incredible writing here as we see Creamcheese break for the first time. Great acting here by Misha Brooks.

The team is moving, and Organizm is making moves and calling out coms. Game four is a back and forth battle between the two teams until Fugitive takes the upper hand and TSM has to retreat. We now know that Fugitive has the chance to shut the door and take home the championship. Foresite needs to make a HUGE move to give them any chance at a game five, but down goes Foresite. The battle continues, and nothing stands in their way, and they win it all. Fugitive wins the championship!

The crowd goes wild, and as Creamcheese goes to shake hands with everyone, he looks at Foresite and tells him that he is overrated and isn’t as good as everyone says he is. I AM DEAD. What a funny moment because any real gamer would’ve acted the same exact way. Next, the team heads to the big stage, where they all put their hands on the trophy and have the biggest smiles. The moment has finally come for Creamcheese.

Let me pause for a second on the recap and mention that the writing of this series might have some ups and downs, but the writing of Creamcheese and Organizm has been top-notch. They built these two perfectly in a way that their winning felt authentic, and you genuinely are happy for these characters. Job well done here.

Everyone is talking about the story of how they got here and how much it means to them. Organizm takes off his jersey and hands it to his brother, and Rudy tells him how proud he is of him. On the stage, they are interviewing Creamcheese, asking him if this is his last farewell and what his legacy would be. He says, “this guy right here,” and puts his arm around Organizm.

The team is off to celebrate and party! Everyone is on cloud nine and soaking it up on a bus. Kyle said he was the hungriest person for the longest time and just ate the sandwich of his dreams but wanted the bigger one, and that’s the Worlds.

Fugitive is heading to Worlds, where teams in China and Korea are on a different level because the US has never won Worlds but only has one top-four finish since 2012. Organizm says he likes saying it’s impossible because they are playing at their best. They have six weeks to prepare to take on the reigning defending champions.

A month before Worlds, teams travel across the country to train on the World’s most competitive servers. Creamcheese says he has been there twice and is an expert in Korea, BAHAHA. The guys are having a good time in the country, celebrating a little bit ahead of the tournament.

The ending

The guys are trying to get back in the swing of things after being off for a little while. They are also struggling with the Korean server, which is more complex and a wake-up call for the team. Everyone, including Organizm, is getting frustrated, but Creamcheese is confident and ready to blow off steam by doing some Karaoke. Creamcheese is the worst singer in the world and is doing everything in his power to get Organizm to sing with him.

Creamcheese is slightly drunk and plays a voicemail that Organizm left for him. But Organizm gets frustrated and storms away. Ogarnizm wants to focus on the game, and Creamcheese keeps telling him that he is the best player in the world. Organizm SNAPS because he doesn’t just want the LCS title. He wants more and storms off.

We find out that Fugitive is eliminated after going 1-5 at Worlds. Organizm didn’t fly home with the team. Instead, Organizm leaves Fugitive and says it wasn’t personal. Kyle said their effort was embarrassing but thought Organizm made the wrong decision. Next, Creamcheese says they should focus on dominating the next split but are trying to find a new team member. Finally, we see Organizm arrive at the NeverLost household, where he is partnering up with Nathan and Guru.

Organizm announces that he is going after rank one on the Korean Server. He wanted to be the best, and now he is set out to ensure it happens. Commentators talk about how he might be the greatest player if he can get to the number one spot on the Korean Server. Back to Creamcheese and says he isn’t going to retire. Frugger is in the picture trying to inch his way back onto Fugitive.

They ask if Organizm is happier right now but changes the course of the conversation to talk about his plans for the future. He talks about how he misses his team, including Creamcheese, but he has bigger fish to fry. As he sits and talks to them, he knows other people are grinding and getting better and knows he does what he does to be the greatest player of all time.

The season comes to a close with Creamcheese talking about Yuumi and how, without Nora, Yuumi is just lost.

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