Players season 1, episode 5 recap – “Guru”

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 23, 2022
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The best episode of Players yet as we see Misha Brooks starting to come into form as Creamcheese.

This recap of Paramount+ series Players season 1, episode 5, “Guru,” contains spoilers. 

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Last week’s episode of Players was explosive as Nathan was fired, Fugitive Gaming was eliminated from the mid-season game, and Organizm threw a bowl of cereal at Creamcheese. What will happen upon everyone’s return from break? Let’s dive in.

Players season 1, episode 5 recap

We kick off the episode with Organizm making Cameos, and it’s annoying Creamcheese. Kyle is hoping for them to get together, and the complete opposite of that is happening. Kyle was wise, as he decided to put their scores on the big screen in the house to make it a competition. We noticed it worked as Creamcheese was heading to bed, and Organizm was still up. Creamcheese glanced up at the screen and decided to sit back down and play.

The banter between these two is spectacular (minus Organizm calling him old, Creamcheese is 27). Organizm is 100% in his head and doesn’t say much, and Creamcheese is annoyed by his existence, and Organizm takes advantage of it.

Ahead of the LCS Summer Splint, Fugitive Gaming acquires Tyrant and gives up Frugger and BGOLBKTOFWTR. Kyle talks about how this one will sting, but it was for the better of the team. Creamcheese is taking this one to heart as Frugger was his boy. He breaks down how he wanted to get Frugger back on the team and failed. He also says he wants to win a championship with this kid (I love how he throws in little sly remarks). April states that the future of Fugitive Gaming depends on Creamcheese working with Organizm.

Post opening credits (which I love), we see that Orgnazim and Creamcheese are about to appear on a talk show. It is Organizm’s first big TV appearance. We found out from April, since the team didn’t make the mid-season games if Organizm would guest mid-season pre-game, and she knew that Creamcheese wouldn’t take it well, so she booked both of them.

The host talks up Organizm and how his streams are picking up and asks him how it’s happening, and he is with little words as usual. Next, they ask Creamcheese what it was like being at home during these matches, and Creamcheese says he isn’t used to it and throws a dig at Organizm, basically blaming him but following it with “he is joking.” The comment sets the world on fire, from GM Paul criticizing the statement to Twitter taking it and running with it and HELLO Guru, who RUNS with it and invites Organizm to come on his show.

Our documentary folks asked Creamcheese if he had heard the podcast, and he said no. So as he did, we went back to the podcast and saw Guru wearing a shirt that said, “It’s Ok, I Still Think You’re A Good Player…” The famous words that Organizm said to Guru when he took him downplaying him. The documentary team asks Organizm if he felt it was disrespectful to the team going on Guru’s podcast. He said they don’t respect him, so he will do what he does.

Next, we see Guru poke the bear and remind him what Creamcheese said during the show. Guru eggs him on, leading to an incredible moment where Ogranizm looks at the camera and says, “It’s Ok, Creamcheese, I Still Think You’re A Good Player…” What a perfect moment, but after seeing this, I wish we had more Guru on the show. Kyle and April talk about how the comment, while a joke, will open up a wound because Guru screwed over Fugitive Gaming. Creamcheese is not pleased with his actions.

We get another flashback as we move back to 2016 and the game Kyle lost, and they had to sell the team. Again, we are reminded of how much Guru hated that they sold the team to the first offer. We move to the LCS Championship, where Fugitive Gaming shows dominance early on and gets the first win on the board. Everyone is excited until someone interviews Guru after the first game, and Guru announces his retirement after that game one victory. OH MY GOD, it all makes sense now why everyone hates Guru.

Guru named his brand Never Lost because he won round one of the LCS title game. He had become the biggest name in the world of esports. It was INSANE how fast his brand grew after this massive publicity stunt. Person after person talk about Guru and how he revolutionized gaming and streaming.

The ending

The show heads back to the present day, where the New York Times is doing a photoshoot of Organizm. While the photo shoot is happening, Creamcheese is in the background being a damn fool. I mean interrupting everything happening, and it was HILARIOUS watching this entire thing unfold.

Next, we move to an Offline Streaming Party that both Organizm and Creamcheese attend. We see Creamcheese doing what he does by being the life of the party by loudly telling story after story. We then see Guru talking up Organizm again and how he needs to get him on his show again. Foresite comes to sit with Creamcheese by the pool to catch up on life. Creamcheese apologizes to Foresite for losing the title. However, Foresite already has all of the titles he won post-Fugitive Gaming.

Creamcheese comes upstairs, starts cussing out Guru, and swats his drink out of his hand. Then, he addresses Organizm and what he said on Guru’s podcast. Organizm calls him out for not being a great teammate, and Creamcheese FREAKS OUT. Creamcheese said do not compare them and continues to go off about this is his team. He also mentions how he thought he was training the best. It is the first time that Creamcheese admits to Organizm that he is a great player and BEGS him to work with him.

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