Players season 1, episode 4 recap – “Ownership”

June 18, 2022
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At times it felt like a bit of a filler to set up some things to come. It wasn’t the best episode, but it does keep you invested in what’s ahead.

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At times it felt like a bit of a filler to set up some things to come. It wasn’t the best episode, but it does keep you invested in what’s ahead.

This recap of Paramount+ series Players season 1, episode 4, “Ownership,” contains spoilers. 

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After three episodes kicked off the Players series, we are on the path of one episode a week now. We saw Organizm join Fugitive Gaming as the next big thing which caused an uproar and Creamcheees to quit. At the end of the last episode, we saw Creamcheese walk back in the doors. Will Creamcheese and Organizm see eye to eye? Let’s dive in.

Players season 1, episode 4 recap

The episode takes us right back to 2015 as Fugitive qualified for a promotion series, and a win would put them in the LCS, making them a professional team. Winning this was very vital for the future of Fugitive gaming, and the pressure was at an all-time high for the crew. It was Fugitive vs. Gravity to see who would end up in the LCS.

Gravity jumped out to a 1-0 lead early on as team Fugitive was full of nerves on that stage. Kyle breaks down the entire first game, and at first, Creamcheese was mad, but Kyle was trying to open his eyes to the bigger picture. He reminded them that the stage didn’t matter and these guys could win the game. At this moment, it was when coach Kyle was born.

The team came out for game two and destroyed Gravity. They were a completely new team after Kyle’s speech and never looked back, winning three straight games to become members of the LCS. Even though everyone in the world didn’t think they could make it happen, they did it, and nobody could stop them. We find out this was when Nathan entered the picture; nothing has been the same.

When they went pro, they had so many variables in play, including money and trying to figure out what was needed to do with the team and how they would make it financially stable moving forward. They had a plan to sell shares but keep a controlling stake, but that was until Nathan showed up. NBA owners started showing interest in esports, and Nathan offered them $1.5 million for Fugitive Gaming.

Creamcheese wanted to see how bad Nathan wanted the team, he wanted him to order some Taco Bell Catina from Las Vegas and have it delivered, and this is when he stepped up and put the guys on a private plane flew them to Vegas. Of course, these kids were enamored by Taco Bell Catina (honestly, this was HILARIOUS) and a surreal real-life look at kids and the dumb things they want from life. It was a perfect little moment. Next, Nathan showed them their new headquarters, where Nathan wanted to put the guys up for their new home of gaming.

We find out that this whole deal was the end of Creamcheese and Guru’s relationship. Guru didn’t want to take the first deal that walked in the door (smart kid). Kyle and April were on Guru’s side, but ultimately, Foresite and Creamcheese were on the same page as Foresite basically said, if we don’t take this money, I am out. The team was split about which direction they wanted to go with the offer. Finally, the team played a game to decide the franchise’s future. Foresite beat Kyle head to head, and they sold the team to Nathan. We find out that Nathan bought the team in 2015 for $1.5 million, but the team is worth $35 million now.

Back to 2021, the final weekend of the LCS Spring Split, where Fugitive is 6-9 (nice), having lost 4 out of their last 6. The Sacramento Kings have lost nine in a row, and he was just fired as President of the club. So Creamcheese is happy, and Kyle is freaking out, but Organizm is also concerned about his future. We find out April has taken over operations until the team is sold. Creamcheese called Frugger and told him he was back. There is a lot of stuff in the air, but Creamcheese is trying to make all the calls.

Kyle lets Creamcheese know that he is starting Organizm, and he freaks out on him. Next, we see Organizm’s brother giving him a speech about stepping up and making things happen.

The ending

It is game time. The commentators talk about Creamcheese has never missed a mid-season showdown, and they know he wants to continue that streak. Fugitive Gaming is taking on 100 Thieves, who are 10-5 on the season. The team’s weight was on Organizm’s back because his job may be on the line if he failed. Instead, Organizm is getting destroyed left and right, and he is getting frustrated. They lost the game and were eliminated.

Kyle comes into the locker room and SNAPS on Creamcheese. Creamcheese is befuddled and can’t believe what is unfolding in front of his eyes. Kyle gets the rest of the team to join in on making Creamcheese, which is a big part of the problem. Organizm finally opens his mouth and breaks down the entire game and what went wrong. Creamcheese IS PISSED. But, the rest of the team was impressed that he could communicate and break down what unfolded. Kyle states that Creamcheese is holding back Organizm’s development. WOW.

Team Fugitive has another game ahead vs. Dignitas, and things are going about as the rest have, not good. Creamcheese decided to throw some sly remarks at Organizm as he killed a few people. However, this is the shift the team needed because they were rallying around Organizm during and after the game. Back-to-back wins for the team as they headed into the mid-season break.

The squad missed the mid-season battle, and now they have around six weeks of downtime. Most of the players venture off to other places during the six weeks. However, we find out that Creamcheese and Organizm are staying back to train, but not together. At this point, the team thinks they may be able to come together, but as the episode ends, Creamcheese criticizes the cereal Organizm is eating. He retorts with a louder noise, leading to Creamcheese putting his hand in his cereal and Orgnazim throwing it at him. What an ending.

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