Players season 1, episode 3 recap – “Braxton”

June 16, 2022
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Ely Henry delivers a brilliant performance as we have the best episode of Players to date.

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Ely Henry delivers a brilliant performance as we have the best episode of Players to date.

This recap of Paramount+ series Players season 1, episode 3, “Braxton,” contains spoilers. 

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We had an EXPLOSIVE episode of Players where we saw tensions between Organizm and Creamcheese hit an all-time high. At the end of the episode, we saw Creamcheese burn the Fugitive Gaming jersey and demand a trade. I am excited to see what happens next. Let’s dive into this latest episode.

Players season 1, episode 3 recap

Kyle informs us that Creamcheese has packed all his stuff and left. Creamcheese and Frugger are riding around town talking about how he is free. He also mentions he has never heard of anyone doing this before (LOL). Frugger mentions that they will have to start Cronklyn in his place. They both laugh, and Frugger follows, “even Cronklyn knows Cronklyn sucks.” We move back to Kyle talking to Cronklyn, who is trying to amp him up for his big move.

We are at the Fugitive Gaming house, and Nathan has called Kyle to find out where Creamcheese is. Nathan is pissed off because it is game day, and he is nowhere to be found. Kyle mentions if he demotes Organizm and puts Frugger back on the team, he is sure that will get Creamcheese to come back. Nathan isn’t going to do that and says that Creamcheese has a backup and they will have to use him.

For the first time, Fugitive Gaming is taking the stage without Creamcheese as they take on Evil Geniuses, who are 5-2 on the season. Cronklyn looks like he is about to throw up as he sits down. Organizm is kicking a*s and taking names as he always does while Crooklyn is struggling. Despite Organizm’s kickass performance, Fugitive Gaming takes a loss, again.

With Creamcheese holding out, they are fielding offers from other teams for him. Kyle wants one more shot to talk Creamcheese into returning to the team before they make any further decisions. Kyle is sad because Creamcheese isn’t just an essential member of the team, he is family. Bgolgbktofwtf (yes, that’s his name) is stepping up to the plate and trying to sit down with Kyle to see how they can fix the team.

We go to Creamcheese and Frugger, who are at the Porsche dealership sitting in a car blasting music and reading tweets that are destroying him. Frugger is trying to join Creamcheese wherever he goes, but Creamcheese wants to win a title and thinks it could be with Foresite and his old Axe bro partner, which sends us back to 2015.

We get all the deets about the backstory of the Axe bros and how it was initially Kyle and Creamcheese. It was fantastic to find out that Kyle was a former team player. But Kyle was pivotal in moving Foresite into another role, and they started to kick a*s and take names together. Kyle was the driving force behind creating the eventual phenom of Foresite. The Axe bros montage was pretty funny.

The ending

We are back to the present day, where the entire world talks about Creamcheese’s tweet about reuniting with Foresite. Tweets from across the globe are coming in that the Axe bros are back. Everyone believed the hype until Foresite responded to Creamcheese’s tweet and said, “Pass.” It was embarrassing for Creamcheese, as Foresite wanted to show loyalty to his team.

Creamcheese, driving around town, gets a call to come to meet with Kyle and talk about his future. Of course, every team wants the Cream, but April lets Creamcheese know that this would mean a rebuild for Fugitive, and Kyle would never survive a rebuild. However, she is trying to make him understand that Kyle wants the best for him and wants to win a title for Creamcheese.

In the Nathan household, Organizm mentions to Emma (Nathan’s daughter) that Kyle said something about him returning to the Academy and wonders if that is the right move. Back to the Kyle household, Kyle is trying to dip his hand in nostalgia to remind Creamcheese of what they built together. They watched Creamcheese’s speech at Kyle and April’s wedding, and it was a moment that reminded him that they were a family.

We move back to the Nathan household, where Emma tells Nathan that Kyle suggested that Organizm return to the Academy, and Nathan isn’t pleased. Nathan tells him he runs the team, and that isn’t happening. Back to Kyle reminding Creamcheese that he has always been there and they will always be there for him. Back to Nathan, who is telling Organizm that he is putting the future on his back and wants to make sure he is happy. Kyle and April give Creamcheese a big group hug, and Nathan tells Organizm to do his thing, his way, and he will deal with the rest. Some excellent editing here going back and forth.

As the episode closes, Creamcheese returns to the Fugitive Gaming household to return to the team and tells us that he isn’t afraid of anything.

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