Players season 1, episode 6 recap – “Nightfall”

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 30, 2022
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While the last ten minutes of the episode were incredible, the backstory of “Nightfall” left me wanting more.

This recap of Paramount+ series Players season 1, episode 6, “Nightfall,” contains spoilers. 

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In last week’s episode of Players, we saw Creamcheese and Organizm’s relationship hit an all-time low. Creamcheese insulted Organizm during an appearance on a show which led to Organizm going on Guru’s show. All of this came together at a party where Creamcheese admitted how good Organizm is and how badly they need him to win games. It should be a great episode this week in the aftermath of that, so let’s dive in.

Players season 1, episode 6 recap

We see Fugitive Gaming is off to a hot start, not because of Creamcheese or Organizm, but because of Nightfall, who carries the team to victory after victory. However, people are questioning how long it can last with Creamcheese and Organizm still not working together in the bot lane.

Since Nathan’s departure, Fugitive Gaming has had the third-best record in the LCS. The team still doesn’t have an Owner currently but has several people chomping at the bit to buy them. Blue Wynn Capital is at the forefront of the team, but the group has given Kyle/April a little more time to find a buyer that is more in line with what they are trying to build.

Kyle and April are talking to Julie, a venture capitalist trying to talk about buying Fugitive. Unfortunately, Julie’s financial advisor Gerry is kind of in the way of making things happen. She brings up the idea of bringing Gerry to a game to meet Creamcheese, and they run with the opportunity. The one caveat was that Gerry could touch Creamcheese’s keyboard, which would likely not go well with him.

They show up to the game and give them a swag bag full of stuff. Creamcheese is talking about the battle the sale, and he says, “if the rich girl with the dead parents,” when I tell you I lost it, I LOST IT. I love the show’s writing and how they aren’t afraid to show how gamers truly are on and off the games.

Julie is very excited to meet the team and would buy this team in a heartbeat, but Gerry stands in the way of all of this. The crew starts to tour the place, which is when Julie/Gerry meet Kyle and the team. Julie meets Creamcheese and tells him that she wants to see Fugitive be Fugitive again. The meeting went well, and they are excited to see the team play in person. I can’t imagine this is going to go well.

The game starts off as planned, and Nightfall is slaying the game and impressing Julie and the rest of the crew. But, as expected, things are going bad between Organizm and Creamcheese as they continue to not be on the same page. However, Nightfall saves the day, yet again. The announcers mention how sloppy the bot lane continues to be and while everyone is excited, Organizm storms off and SNAPS. It was the first time we saw some raw emotion in him.

Nightfall is giving Organizm the business and letting him know that he needs to start listening to Creamcheese, and they could win this entire thing. Nightfall tells him that Creamcheese made him a better player, and he could do the same for him.

We move back to 2016, when Guru left the team and how they weren’t sure who they would sign. They couldn’t afford to sign anyone big because they didn’t budget for it. So they took their search to Korea, where we find out this is where they found Nightfall. We went to his first game with the team, and while they won, everyone destroyed him because he was “boring” compared to Nightfall. He could do nothing right, and fans either blamed him for their losses or, if they won, they said he was boring. Nightfall didn’t take the news well, and he didn’t even want to go onto the stage.

Nightfall tells the story about a girl that he fell in love with that he met online. After a few days, Nightfall thought he had an STD, but after the doctor’s visit, he was a brand new man because he didn’t have it. I have enjoyed a ton of the writing here, but honestly, this turn of events of him finally being good because of maybe having an STD was rather dumb. Post-match, Creamcheese made sure to let everyone know they were wrong about Nightfall. It showed the friendship between the two and made everyone understand that Creamcheese might not be the prototypical leader, but he is one.

The ending

We move back to the present day, Nightfall’s family household, where his parents are talking about moving to the US for everyone to be closer together. First, I loved Creamcheese yelling at a little kid for touching his Gucci socks. HAHA. Next, while everyone is enjoying the food at his house, Creamcheese is complaining and wants Postmates. I love this guy.

Fugitive Gaming has been on the rise, but they are facing Cloud9, the number one team in the LCS. As Organizm wants to make a move, Creamcheese tells him not to, but Nightfall says listen to him, and when he does, the plan succeeds. We see the team work together for the first time all season. Creamcheese pats Organizm on the back, and the squad is happy as they celebrate on the stage together. When they all listen and work together, they are unstoppable.

Kyle ends the episode with a speech with an incredibly edited montage showing Creamcheese and Organizm as younger kids playing at their house. All the pieces have finally come together, and they have a chance to win the League of Legends.

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