Paper Girls season 1, episode 4 recap – “It Was Never About The Corn”

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 29, 2022
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Like the previous episode, Mac’s story is a huge highlight. However, in this episode, both Erins have their moment to shine as the blend between timelines causes significant tension. There might not be vast levels of drama in the episode, but those comics fans may still be happy with what they see.

This recap of the Amazon originals series Paper Girls season 1, episode 4, “It Was Never About The Corn,” contains spoilers.

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Paper Girls season 1, episode 4 recap

Larry explains that the giant battleship is a time machine; and then says that he needs Adult Erin to drive it. And when Adult Erin says she won’t be able to drive such a machine, Larry tells her that it’s their one shot. Meanwhile, Mac sets off fireworks with her older brother. After they discuss their upbringing, her brother apologises for the mistakes he made.

Adult Erin tries to blow off Missy when she calls, but Missy is in Adult Erin’s house. And when Missy finds Young Erin’s blood-soaked top, she threatens to call the cops. Prioress visits Donna in a beauty parlor and asks/demands information on Dr. Doyle, Mac’s brother. When Erin starts to pry ahead of Missy’s return, Adult Erin reveals that Missy wasn’t “exactly there” when their Mom died. Mac’s brother plans to adopt Mac as his daughter. And then, for some reason, Adult Erin and Larry pretend to be a couple in front of Missy. And somehow, the silly plan seems to work.

Young Erin listens in as Missy accuses Adult Erin of not taking her medication, and then Missy berates Adult Erin of robbing her of a relationship with their mother. KJ goes to meet her older self but ends up getting mistaken for Older KJ’s girlfriend. But danger looms when Prioress arrives. Elsewhere when Mac goes out with her brother and his daughter, Mac gets jealous and reveals she prefers the older version of her brother, who she knew in 1988. Just as Mac makes up with her brother, KJ arrives and tells Mac that Prioress is on her way. Aware that Prioress may bring harm to her brother, Mac flees with KJ. Quite a sad scene for Mac, actually.

The ending

The sky opens up just as Mac and KJ arrive back at the barn. But Prioress is not far behind them. Adult Erin uses the giant robot to drive herself, Young Erin, AJ, Mac, Tiffany, and KJ into the opening as Prioress stands by and watches. The episode ends as her boss comes and tells her that he isn’t mad, just disappointed.

So far, Prioress feels very underused in Paper Girls. Hopefully that means that there are some huge scenes coming from Prioress. Otherwise, what’s been the point of her character? Aside from that, the four paper girls are playing good parts. And it’s safe to say it’s a highlight when they’re involved with their older selves. But is it just me, or does it seem like there’s tragedy around the corner?

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