Paper Girls season 1, episode 6 recap – “Matinee”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 29, 2022
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There are some sweet moments as the show remains similar to the previous episodes. Older Tiffany enters the show and quickly proves to be a season highlight. You question why the writers did not bring her into the show much earlier.

This recap of the Amazon originals series Paper Girls season 1, episode 6, “Matinee,” contains spoilers.

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Paper Girls season 1, episode 6 recap

The Paper Girls go to a rave, which is where Young Tiffany hopes to find her older self. She explains her situation to Older Tiffany, who takes the bizarre news rather well. In fact, Older Tiffany simply puts it down to wormholes and then offers a place for the Paper Girls to stay for the night. Mac sums it nicely as she says she can barely believe that Tiffany has grown up to be the life of the party.

Tiffany mentions that as they’re in the year 1999, Larry is technically alive. But Mac is strongly against the idea of seeing him again. Before a blown-out argument can happen, Older Tiffany’s boyfriend diverts attention for a few seconds. Regardless, Young Tiffany gets what she wants, aka go see Larry, whilst on the drive there, Older Tiffany drops her boyfriend off at work. 

Later, Erin spies on her family. Which, as we can all probably imagine, is very hard for her to watch. Older and younger Tiffany knock on Larry’s door and reveal they’re part of the SFT. But it doesn’t seem like he knows what they’re talking about. When Older Tiffany shows him the book, Larry believes that Young Tiffany is from the future. Whilst Larry is reluctant to give Young Tiffany the code, she has a go at him and reveals he will give her the code, even if it makes her sick to the stomach. 

The ending

Believing that Mac has a long future ahead of her, Erin constantly moans about her doomed future. In the end, Mac snaps and shouts at Erin. (Just yet another argument in the world of Paper Girls). Older Tiffany tells her younger self that she quit uni, much to the horror of Younger Tiffany. KJ tells Mac that she looks happy in the future. Just as she is about to reveal that she’s a lesbian, Mac jumps in and says that she dies at age 16. And in one of the show’s most emotional moments, Mac and KJ cry as they hug each other. 

The two Tiffany’s do some studying and learn that the next folding will be July 25th 2006, aka seven years away. However, Larry goes out as a folding takes place, this time throwing out a bicycle before Larry time travels to 1988. 

Adult Tiffany is an absolute delight to have on the show. And I really wish that she had been brought into the show much earlier. She brings an energy that was missing previously. But even if she could have come earlier, let’s just hope that she is here to stay. (Or at the very least longer than Adult Erin)

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