Honor Society ending explained — will Honor obtain the coveted recommendation for Harvard?

July 30, 2022
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This article discusses the ending for the Paramount+ film Honor Society and will contain spoilers.

Ready Steady Cut film critic M.N. Miller calls Honor SocietyA comedy that evolves seamlessly from edge to winning.

Honor Society is a new film streaming on Paramount+ that centers around an ambitious young student named Honor Rose (Angourie Rice). She has two loving parents. Her father works three jobs, and her mother celebrates life by baking a different type of bread every day. Her parents have made a comfortable life for her, but she finds it mundane, like most young teenagers. Her dream is to get into Harvard, but she needs a coveted recommendation from her perverted guidance counselor Mr. Calvin (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse). Her grades are stellar, and she is involved in every club and after-school activity, but she knows that will not be enough because only five percent of all applicants are chosen. Mr. Calvin’s connection to one of the nation’s best schools would be everything.

The problem is that he has three other choices, and he is using this to allude that Honor must sleep with him to get it. However, she would rather just get rid of the other three. One is Travis, a star lacrosse player who hides the secret that he is gay from his father, who is also his coach. Another is Kennedy, a moody artist type who writes a secret play about Madame Bovary. The last is Michael, played by Gaten Matarazzo. He is a nerd who loves Doctor Who, and no one ever notices unless they need to cheat off him. He is poor and lives with his foster mother after his parents died.

Honor plans to have them tank their grades by manipulating them. She wants to expose Travis for being a closeted homosexual, thinking if his father finds out, the family disruption at home will cause their due effect. She convinces the theatre department to perform Kennedy’s play, knowing this will cause her grades to drop. Finally, we have Michael. She begins to use her sexuality to distract him, thinking a nerd who is now obsessed with the possibility of sex will indeed cause him to lose his concentration. She plans to go as far as putting a roofie in his drink the night before a final as the last resort. Yes, she is a sweet kid, this one.

Paramount + film Honor Society ending explained

A funny thing, though, happens along the way. Her manipulations affect their grades and activities, but their personal lives improve. Kennedy develops friendships with the theatre department members, finding a community of peers. Travis dumps his girlfriend for the lead in the play, Gary. He also comes out to his father. As he anticipates he may reject him, he says he has known him since he was five. And then we have Michael, who shows some unexpected moxie by making a move on Honor because her ice-cold heart has started to melt for him. He is kind, sweet, and makes her feel good. So, Honor does, well, the honorable thing. She misses a few questions intentionally so he will finish with a higher grade point average.

The problem is Honor has been played. Michael is not a poor foster kid; he comes from a wealthy family. He tricked her by walking to the family’s maid’s house. Michael gained her trust and manipulated her into feeling something for him and banking on her diving her test. She is devasted, but her family and newfound friends lift her spirit. The play is a success, and she is happy.

The final scene shows Honor busting into Mr. Calvin’s office, and he is having a meeting with Michael. She recorded her guidance counselor’s advances toward her. Honor blackmails him, but not for her recommendation for Harvard. She tells him he must recommend Kennedy to his old friend, or she will turn him in.

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