Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 3, 2022 (Last updated: February 14, 2024)
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Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Episode 6 Recap and Ending Explained
Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Promotional Image (Credit to Netflix)


A typically outlandish and inconclusive ending rounds out the second season of Good Morning, Veronica in about the way everyone was expecting.

The downside of trying to save everyone else’s life is that you often neglect your own and the people in it. One of the primary themes of Good Morning, Verônica is generational trauma, the kind they inherit, and the great fear of some of its characters is of becoming the person who hurt them the most. As we reach Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Episode 6, the theme remains, very strongly.

Veronica idolized her father, pushing her away from her mother, and now she’s fearful that she’s becoming a bad mother (Lila seems to agree). Her obsession with taking down Matias is costing her everything.

Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

But most crimes aren’t victimless. They create the kind of trauma in others that Veronica has nursed her whole life, so she sees herself in Angela, who is able to escape with Carol by cracking Matias over the head with a giant vase. It’s in these two that I think we see something reminiscent of the first season, that lived-in, plausible world where deeply hurt people cling to each other.

The point is developing the courage to use your voice, to tell your truth. But, of course, there are those who would silence you, often men, and sometimes even those you love. There’s no clearer metaphor for this than armed men bursting in during Angela’s taped testimony, shooting Carol, and dragging Angela, unwillingly, back to her father.

It’s telling that the next testimony we see her give is for the cameras, dressed up like daddy’s little princess, spouting his lies once again.

Fear — that’s the secret. Not always fear for your own safety but for that of others, those you love. That’s what compels people into silence, into dishonesty. Angela is scared of Matias, what he might do to her and what he might have already done to her mother. It’s Veronica, tracing back through Matias’s history, who tracks Gisele down.

The audience is shown the truth on display just as Veronica figures it out and Gisele confirms it — Matias is an incestuous pedophile, working his way through his own daughters until they make adulthood and birth him another victim. It’s as monstrous a development as you can imagine, really. I can’t imagine the queues were around the block to play this guy.

Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Ending Explained

It’s Gisele who blows the whistle on all this during one of Matias’s sermons, where he’s trying to use Angela to clear his name. She confesses to everything, and Angela backs her, and so do several women in the crowd. When Veronica shows up with a gun, Matias flees with Angela as his hostage.

Veronica gives chase and his able to catch him before he’s able to flee on a helicopter. They fight, and despite Matias’s attempts to trick Veronica into shooting him by referencing his relationship with her father, and despite Angela imploring her to kill him too, Veronica doesn’t pull the trigger.

Gloria arrives to cuff Matias, and she gives Veronica some time to see her family before she’s taken away (she’s still wanted for the murder of Anita, among other crimes.)

But Gloria doesn’t turn Veronica in. For one thing, she’ll be an easy target in prison. And besides, she needs to track down the mysterious Doum, who we see (in a first-person view, so the identity is still obscured) visit Matias on house arrest. Matias directs Doum to not just Veronica but her daughter, implying that revenge for Brandao should be visited upon the both of them.

What did you think of Good Morning, Verônica Season 2 Episode 6, and its ending? Comment below.

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