Don’t Blame Karma ending explained – is Sara free from the curse?

By E.C Ryder
Published: August 4, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix original film Don’t Blame Karma (2022), so it will contain spoilers.

Don’t Blame Karma revolves around Sara and her relationship with her younger sister Lucy, her growing love for her high school best friend Aaron, and her dream of becoming a fashion designer—all of which are hindered by her fear of a curse. This curse came to Sara when she was a child, after she blew the candles out on Lucy’s birthday cake and ‘stole’ her sister’s wish. Upset, Lucy shouts that she is going to steal ALL Sara’s wishes for the rest of her life. 

Because of the lifelong jealousy she has for Lucy, Sara takes this statement to heart, and lives the rest of her life like she has bad karma. She blames this supposed bad karma for ruining her chances with Aaron in high school. Just as they were about to kiss for the first time, he was called away and moved to a different high school shortly after. Years later, Sara is in her thirties and refuses to pursue her dream of fashion design out of fear that the bad karma will somehow ruin her chances. 

Aaron is thrust back into Sara’s life after he is engaged to marry Lucy, now a famous model. Sara sees this as further proof of the curse—Lucy gets all her wishes, so of course she gets Aaron. But soon after their reintroduction, Sara and Aaron start to fall back in love with each other, reminiscing about their good times in high school. Lucy provides her sister the opportunity to design outfits for a high-profile fashion show.  

Netflix Film Don’t Blame Karma ending explained

Despite her fear of bad karma, Sara does amazingly at the fashion show. Her sister offers her a full-time job designing her outfits. Aaron and Lucy realize they are not meant for each other, which frees Aaron to be with Sara. Unlike in high school, where they were never able to kiss, Sara and Aaron finally embrace and passionately kiss. 

Sara tells Lucy about her fear of the bad karma she believes she earned when she blew out the birthday candles. Lucy thinks this is ridiculous and that Sara’s life has been shaped by her own decisions, not by some curse. The two sisters then go to the beach to fulfill one of Sara’s wishes: to see a whale. Interestingly, this ending reframes Don’t Blame Karma around the relationship between the two sisters, and not the romance of Aaron and Sara. 

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