Kakegurui Twin (2022) season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 4, 2022
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Kakegurui Twin ends on an exciting note, bringing plenty of promise for a continuation.

This recap of the Netflix anime series Kakegurui Twin (2022) season 1, episode 6, “A Resisting Girl” — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

This has certainly been an exciting anime series, and we loved how this all unfolded as Mary plays one more gambling game in a battle of wits. Let’s recap the ending.

Kakegurui Twin (2022) season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

After both competing girls find their treasure chests, Sakura and Mary must go head-to-head by playing a gambling game, as ordered by Juraku. Aoi approves of this battle — it’s a well-established Full Bloom member versus an upcoming prospect. Aoi tells them both to play Dice Nim; whoever takes the last stone loses. The throw of a dice determines the number of stones taken. It’s a luck-based game, but Mary is adamant there’s a way to win. Mary wants the support of her friends to make a win happen.

Aoi sets out the game for the head-to-head, and Mary and Sakura inspect the equipment before starting. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Mary gave both her friends (Yukimi and Tsuzura) a plan while she plays — she wants them both to leave the room as she plays. As Mary plays, Sakura explains that the game is too simple, making it “easier to cheat,” which throws Mary off slightly. Mary throws a six, believing there are seven stones left. But there were only six. Mary loses, and Sakura wins. Sakura then declares that Mary was cheating by switching the dice. Aoi knew about the cheating, which frustrates Sakura.

Flashbacks show how Mary tried cheating, which involves weighted dice, narrated by Sakura. Knowing that Mary would cheat, Sakura took one of the stones to help her win. Sakura berates Mary, telling her she’s not worthy of the Full Bloom Council; Mary is seemingly troubled by the revelation.

Sakura is given Mary’s treasure chest. Inside the trunk, Sakura is dismayed to see Mary’s map. And then, Mary’s friends walk in with a new treasure chest; there was a third. Mary was one step ahead of Sakura the whole time — the map was based on more than one floor of the academy; it was multi-dimensional coordinates. They found the true treasure chest. While Mary gambled against Sakura, her friends went to find it. Sakura had completely underestimated Mary and her friends.

Sakura admits she was arrogant and wrong. She calls Mary “extremely talented,” which throws Mary off with her maturity. When Mary opens up her treasure chest, inside is a neck collar. Jakura declares Mary the winner of the game. Secretly, Mikura is furious that Mary has won, wanting Jakura all to herself.

Mary is officially offered to be a Full Bloom council member, but Mary still isn’t sure about joining. And then, Sakura is fired from the council by Aoi. She’s appalled, knowing she’s done so much for the council. Aoi tells her she lost when it mattered the most. This is a painful betrayal for Sakura; she’s engaged to Aoi, too, making it more hurtful. Aoi makes it known that they will still be getting married because both of their families are powerful, making them the most prominent family dynasty in Japan. Sakura cries, knowing she cannot get out of this situation.

The ending

Aoi tries to convince Mary to join the Full Bloom council again, but after seeing how Aoi treated Sakura, she angrily refuses. She reviewed both the School Council and the Full Bloom Council and decided neither of them deserved her and her friends. She’s confident that all three of them will become champions one day. Tsuzura vows to stay beside Mary’s side, stating again that she’s her “Prince Charming.”

Post-credit scenes show Aoi telling Jaruka that he has not given up on Mary; he declares that she either joins the Full Bloom Council or he will crush her, bringing an exciting prospect for a continuation.

Kakegurui Twin ends on an exciting note, bringing plenty of promise for a continuation.

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