The Sandman season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Romey Norton
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Rose and Jed are finally reunited, but now are in the hands of The Corinthian.

This recap of Netflix’s The Sandman season 1, episode 10, “Lost Hearts” — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

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The Sandman season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

At the end of the ninth episode, Rose and Jed are finally reunited but now are in the hands of The Corinthian. 

The final episode in the first season begins with The Corinthian, one of the missing nightmares, and Rose, the Vortex, talking, and The Corinthian is trying to convince Rose to be on his side as Morpheus will kill the both of them if and when he finds them. 

Morpheus and The Corinthian face off against one another, and with Rose getting stronger, the walls are getting weaker so The Corinthian is able to physically hurt Morpheus. Corinthian needs to keep Rose asleep and in his control, so he can manipulate her into creating one dream that will become one whole reality, in this case, Corinthians’s serial killer world. 

However, Rose is smarter and wants to find her own way, closing the walls. Morpheus un-creates The Corinthian, turning him to dust, leaving nothing but a tiny skull. Morpheus causes all the serial killers to feel the pain and guilt and suffering they caused all their victims. This causes some to confess, and others to kill themselves. 

Whilst Rose and Jed drive away, Morpheus says he’ll wait until she falls asleep, and then they will have to end this. Lyta goes into labor, and tells Rose that she is strong enough to kill Morpheus, strong enough to end this. 

Rose goes into her dreams, and the walls are crumbling down, allowing humans to go into the Dreaming. Gilbert turns himself back into the beautiful glades he is, where Rose and Morpheus stand facing one another. As Morpheus tries to take Rose’s life, her grandmother approaches them at haste and states that she was meant to be the Vortex of this generation, but as Morpheus was captured and caused her to fall in an endless sleep, the burden was passed onto generations below hers. 

Unity takes the heart stone from Rose and dies in order for Rose to live. Unity describes the father of her child as having golden eyes. There is only one person who has golden eyes, and that is Desire. Morpheus looks distressed, but that makes Rose and Jed descendants of the Endless, he sets them free back to the waking world. 

The ending 

The last ten minutes of the finale see the Dreaming back to full beauty. Morpheus calls upon Desire to confront her, why she tried to make him spill family blood, as spilling family blood causes a lot of problems. He threatens her not to interfere with his business, but this only seems to excite Desire. 

Rose has published a book, which appears in the Dreaming library, and they are all living a happier life in the waking world. Morpheus is on the beach creating a dream; he has turned Gault into a beautiful creature with wings and granted her wish by making her into a dream. He has taken back control of his realm, creating a new age for dreams and nightmares as balance has been restored. 

For once Morpheus seems cheekily happy and content. As he looks to the sky seeing his new creation fly away the screen then turns black and we are back in the realm of Hell. Lucifer hasn’t forgotten and is still bitter. The Armies of hell wish to invade The Dreaming, and then perhaps the waking world. With the generals demanding action, Lucifer is planning to act, planning on doing something that will make God absolutely livid and bring Morpheus to his knees.

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