Four to Dinner review – not worth delaying dinner to watch

By Jordan Lyon
Published: January 6, 2022
Netflix film Four To Dinner


Despite an interesting storyline and clear connections between the movie’s leads, Four to Dinner doesn’t hit the mark. Slightly confusing and with high levels of cringe throughout, it’s hard to care when the movie reaches its disappointing conclusion.

This review of the Netflix film Four To Dinner does not contain spoilers. 

Four to Dinner is Netflix’s latest Italian rom-com to come streaming on the site. In a tale of who truly loves who, Four to Dinner starts with a debate over whether everyone has a soulmate. Starting on a positive note, this is an Italian-produced film, it brings a certain charm and feel that wouldn’t have been possible had this been a British or American made film. Plus, some of the views of Italy present within the film are lovely to watch. (None more so than in the opening scene).

The cast is a highlight of Four to Dinner. They work well on screen and blend well together. In a story of who will end up together, Giuseppe Maggio (Dario), Matteo Martari (Matteo), Ilenia Pastorelli (Chiara), and Matilde Gioli’ (Giulia) performances allow you to feel a connection to each of their character’s journeys. Although their performances are a highlight of the film, the parallel storylines that involve different timelines certainly add confusion to the relationships between the four leads.

Moreover, as it rated 15 there isn’t anything overly scandalous in the film. If you’re a big fan of “rom-com” movies, this might have just enough originality to entertain you until the end. Instead of the usual overly done “boy meets girl” story, the film instead provides a thought-provoking insight into soulmates. Whilst the premise is interesting enough, with an endless list of possibilities towards the movie’s conclusion, it soon grows extremely confusing. And may, as such, cause a lot of viewers to turn off.

For those that choose to stay with the Netflix film, be prepared for cringy dialogue all the way through. Whilst it receives a label of a “rom-com” there aren’t that many laughs. As for the ending, well, it’s going to be one that will divide viewers. Considering the journey that Four to Dinner takes the viewers on throughout its 90-minute run, the outcome is, as a result, disappointing, to say the very least. It’s clear to see the intention of the ending. But it doesn’t help matters. As the credits roll, the overall feeling isn’t one of fulfillment.

Finally, in comparison to the 2020 American sci-fi series Soulmates, (which will return for a second season!), Four to Dinner just doesn’t compare. Soulmates is better executed and has a stronger (and less complicated) method of storytelling. The aim of the movie is easy to understand. But the complicated nature drastically reduces the quality and causes too many questions.

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