Four to Dinner ending explained – do we find out the status of their relationships?

January 6, 2022
Jordan Russell Lyon 0
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The article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Four to Dinner, so it will contain spoilers.

In the Italian rom-com, Luca (Flavio Furno) and his partner Sara (Marta Gastini) hold a dinner party for two of his friends. As they enjoy the food and drink, the conversation turns to soulmates. A debate starts over whether everyone has a soulmate or whether there’s more than one path that can lead to love. As the two couples are unable to agree on an answer, the host, Luca, tells a tale of four people; Dario (Giuseppe Maggio), Matteo (Matteo Martari), Chiara (Ilenia Pastorelli), and Giulia (Matilde Gioli), whom Luca claims to know.

But whilst Luca retells the story to his friends, he includes different versions of the reality. Therefore we witness Dario, Matteo, Chiara, and Giulia in interconnected relationships. As such, Four to Dinner has Matteo impregnating Chiara and Giulia in different realities, although he does cheat on them both regardless of the timeline. In one version, he reveals he is a cheater to his partner whilst at a party, only to be told that they’re expecting another baby. Whilst in another timeline, Matteo reveals he had a one-night stand with Stella whilst shopping for baby accessions. Dario has a slightly different journey where he falls drastically in love with Giulia and Chiara.

Netflix film Four to Dinner ending explained

A heavily pregnant Chiara is driven to the hospital as her waters break. And whilst Dario visits her, the baby’s father, Matteo, is nowhere to be seen following a previous argument. The wait in the hospital room is extremely awkward for Dario and Giulia. Giulia tells Dario, “The last few months have been awful without you, even though we weren’t together anymore. What I really wanted was for you to call me.” Dario responds with, “I didn’t call for the same reason you’ve been here for two weeks and haven’t called me”. Just as they kiss, Matteo finally arrives. Soon after, the baby is born!

Four to Dinner cuts back to the dinner party. Luca gets told by one of his guests: “So that was a fun story, but it’s a shame that half of what he told us never actually happened”. (I couldn’t agree more). Luca reveals that Dario, Matteo, Chiara, and Giulia will shortly arrive at the dinner party, and the guests (and the viewers) will find out who married Matteo. As Dario, Matteo, Chiara, and Giulia walk in, the film ends.

Honestly, that is where the film ends. Whilst it may be a disappointment to most viewers that the film doesn’t tell the viewers who married Matteo, maybe it’s just as fun for the audience to guess on their own. I personally don’t think so, and I found it extremely disappointing to not receive a concrete answer at the end of Four to Dinner.

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