The Sandman season 1, episode 7 recap – “The Doll’s House”

By Romey Norton
Published: August 5, 2022 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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This episode surrounds the new threat to the Dreaming and Morpheus, a dream Vortex called Rose Walker.

This recap of Netflix’s The Sandman season 1, episode 7, “The Doll’s House,” contains spoilers. 

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The Sandman season 1, episode 7 recap

In the latest episode we were introduced to the blonde with the devilish smile, and we learn that it is Dream’s sister Desire. 

This episode starts with a family who is being separated from one another, with one sibling called Rose being separated from her little brother Jed. 

A quick cut to Desire talking to her sister, queen of despair, plotting against Dream as they’re annoyed that he acts as if his realm is more powerful and important than theirs. They speak of a dream vortex, who is a woman, and the girl has no idea who she is, although she is doing what vortexes do — bringing people to her, including Morpheus. The name of this girl — Rose Walker.

Then we cut to a 21-year-old Rose who is trying to find her little brother, but she is unemployed and has no money. We learn that Rose’s mother has recently passed away from a long illness, and a foundation in England is wanting to meet Rose and they were interested in her mother. 

Heading back to The Dreaming, after conducting a census, it is discovered that three of the major Arcana are gone. The first is Gault, a shape-changer, The Corinthian, who we have met, still feeding on the dreamers he was meant to serve, and the last is Fiddler’s Green. There is the myth of the Vortex, and how Morpheus must hunt and find her, to control her before her powers become too great and the Vortex weakens the walls between real life and dreaming. However, the Endless are not allowed to take action against any mortal unless a threat, therefore Morpheus refuses to do anything, yet. Matthew offers to watch her for Morpheus in the waking world. 

Rose has traveled to Sussex with her friend Ltya, and they arrive at a very fancy old folks residence, where they meet a lady called Unity, who was a girl in episode one who suffered as she fell asleep at 12 and did not wake until now. Unity dreamed she had a family, and when she woke, the baby girl she had was real. As if her dream came true, as it turns out, Unity is Rose’s great-grandmother.

We cut to three people discussing The Corinthian, and how exquisite and elegant his work is. They are arranging for over one hundred serial killers to come to an event and they want him to be one of the main attractions and guest speakers. They want to send him a message by copy-catting him and his killings.

Meanwhile, Corinthian is looking for Rose Walker, and finds her roommate, who he sleeps with but doesn’t kill. We cut to Rose in England who is addressed by the three sisters, who warn her to beware of dreams and houses, Rose’s powers are getting stronger. The next day Rose is reconnecting and getting to know her great-grandmother and they discuss finding Jed, which takes Rose on a new adventure to Florida, funded by Unity. 

Whilst at a party with her new roommates, Rose is attacked in an alleyway by three men, and an elderly gentleman comes to her aid. Everyone’s worried about Rose’s dreams being powerful and harming the dreaming world. They discover that Jed is not only missing from the waking world, he’s missing from the dreaming world. 

The ending

In the final ten minutes of the episode Corinthian catches up with his copycat killers and their flattery makes him realize he can use this killer convention to his advantage. We then cut to Morpheus trying to find Jed, and he fails. The last nightmare Jed Walker had before going off-grid was with Gault, the shift-changer. Rose walks into the dreaming realm where she confronts Morpheus. He is shocked by how she managed to get into his realm.

The episode ends with Jed trying to escape with his foster family, but is stopped and the uncle makes him ride in the trunk, taking out his shotgun to make room.

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