The Sandman season 1, episode 6 recap – “The Sound of Her Wings”

August 5, 2022
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In this episode we follow Morpheus’ sister Death, as she helps Morpheus find his purpose.

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In this episode we follow Morpheus’ sister Death, as she helps Morpheus find his purpose.

This recap of Netflix’s The Sandman season 1, episode 6, “The Sound of Her Wings,” contains spoilers. 

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The Sandman season 1, episode 6 recap

The latest episode ended with Morpheus collecting all his items and winning by being able to bring the dreaming and waking world back to balance. Then a final shot is of one woman, who is smiling and says, “I’m watching you, big brother,” laughing.

We open to Morpheus feeding pigeons in the park. He is still dealing with his feelings regarding being kidnapped and imprisoned and is reflecting on his journey through the last five episodes. He thought once he got all his possessions back he would feel good, but instead he feels simply nothing, empty. 

One of his sisters, Death, is with him and is surprisingly cheery and kind. We witness her take multiple lives, the first is a gentle old man playing his violin. This is a nice perspective on death, and shows how something we fear most isn’t really that scary at all. Then we see her taking someone who is younger, with a family, and how harrowing that can be. Death then takes the life of a young child, probably the hardest of all. Death does not have a nice or easy job, one that is a lot harder than Dream’s. 

As there is a sequence of Death taking multiple lives, Dream’s voice-over talks about our fears of death, and how it is a gift, and it is as natural as being born and giving life. Death speaks of serving humans, and that is their job. Their purpose is their function and Dream must remember this in order to continue with this successfully. 

Morpheus leaves his sister and visits a run-down pub and the world is flipped back in time to when he first started interacting with people in the waking world. One man has asked for eternal life, and his punishment is so, and Dream comes to visit him every 100 years to see if he is ready for death. Every 100 years we see him living his best life, rich and famous, to being poor and starving, and he still wants to live. Very fun and playful scenes, with likable characters, and enough curiosity to make this hour episode pass by very quickly. 

The ending

100 years later we’re in the era of Jack the Ripper, and the man suggests Dream comes back year after year due to needing companionship, and not to ask if he’s ready to seek death. Morpheus is outraged at this comment and they argue, which leads to Morpheus leaving, saying he’ll never return. In 1989, 100 years later we learned that the pub was being sold to make new flats. The reason Morpheus did not visit was that he was in the glass cage held captive. Back to modern day, Morpheus finds a pub close by to the run down old pub where his old friend is sitting waiting for him. With the sweet, melancholy music playing, this scene warms the heart. 

The final shot of this episode is again, cutting to the same person at the end of episode 5, but this time we have learned that it is Desire, Dream’s sister with a fierce reputation.

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1 thought on “The Sandman season 1, episode 6 recap – “The Sound of Her Wings”

  • August 17, 2022 at 1:35 am

    This episode displays and reminds you how the development on technological, cultural and social area went slowly and steadily until it suddenly skyrocketed in the 20th century. It’s very intriguing to considder and nicely shown in this serie, allthough its a pity that they seemed to forget to add the opinion of Hob. He speaks of the adventures he had every 100 years, but apart from the excitement about a few inventions in 1489, i’m missing the overall opinion on how he thinks of how the world has changed and how he sees it, having had the privilage to live and watch for so many centuries.
    Speaking of that privilage… I thought that death had a task to guide the people through life and death and she seems to have no influence in this job (considdering she has a scheme to follow and has little time to say goodbye to dream when the guy with the ball gets fataly hit by a car and instantly becomes her next “patient”). But in the 1389 scene she DOES seem to have the power to deviate from certain protocols by simply granting someone’s wish for immortality. When i thought about that, it struck me because i thought it was’nt fair: how could this random drunkard be an exception and live for more than 600 years just because he speaks out that wish holding a big pint of beer, while the swimming dude could not even speak 10 seconds to his wife and the baby, who did’nt even had the ability yet to think of such a wish, were taken out of life without remorse?

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