Thirteen Lives ending explained – a hero’s welcome

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 5, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Amazon original film Thirteen Lives and contains spoilers.

From our review: “An account of real events, Thirteen Lives, on Amazon Prime, tells the story of a boy’s football team trapped in a cave in Thailand for 18 days and the heroic attempt to rescue them.”

The volunteers have an ingenious idea to use bamboo as a makeshift pipe to direct the water away from the sink holes and just in time, the monsoon appears to be on the way. 

The divers finally seem to have a mask small enough to fit the smallest boy, they sit down over a cuppa and look up at the sky as the heavens open. As the rain comes down, the divers discuss how feasible the remaining rescue is as the rain falls. “You die in a cave if you want to Jason, but if I’m not sure I’m coming out, I’m not going in.”

As they arrive in the cave, they decide that if they do move quickly, they can make it and the decision is made to commence the last leg of the rescue. 

Chai is fitted for his little mask to some concern that it will still not work. Harry puts the final boys under and they get to work. First with Chai, the smallest boy. 

Chris runs into some trouble, all the way he loses grip of the guide rope and is forced to the bottom of the cave, slightly disorientated he is forced to proceed not sure of his bearings. 

Meanwhile, the rain continues to fall and despite the best efforts of the volunteers, the cave begins to flood again. 

Chai and Jason make it back safely. Fortunately, the boy’s mask has stayed in place. 

Chris seems to have gotten to safety with his boy but he is clearly panicked and not sure of his environment. He hunkers down and waits for support. Fortunately, Rick is not far behind and tells him to sit tight and wait for Harry to have a look at him and leaves him with instructions to do whatever Harry says is best. 

Amazon original film Thirteen Lives ending explained

Harry arrives to Chris’s location and checks the boy over to make sure he’s okay, he tops him off with an anaesthetic. After a short discussion, Harry takes over the transport of the boy. 

Meanwhile, the remaining Navy Seals leave the caves. 

Harry arrives with the boy safely and everyone anxiously waits for Chris and the remaining Seals. 

Finally, Chris makes it out in one piece but before the celebrations can start, the flooding suddenly intensifies and the last of the Seals appear to run into trouble. Just then, the pumps start to explode and it looks like the cave needs to be evacuated. One by one the last Seals make it out and the celebrations can begin. 

Once safely inside the divers start to chuckle with relief, all except Chris who is clearly shellshocked by his very near miss. 

The Governor makes a stirring speech of thanks for all that have helped, volunteered and sacrificed in order to get the boys home safely. Tearful parents thank the divers but just as they are about to relax, Harry looks upset; his Dad died whilst they were in the caves. 

Gradually everyone drifts off until John and Rick make it all the way to their homes, John is greeted by his son, and Rick goes to his empty home. The parents of the boys flood to the hospital to see them for an emotional reunion. 

The film ends with dedications to the two Navy Seals that lost their lives to the rescue.

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