School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – “Vengeful Spell”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 10, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 2 Recap
School Tales The Series Season 1 Image (Credit to Netflix)


“Vengeful Spell” is another good addition to School Tales the Series, even if the premise does feel simplified.

Revenge can be bittersweet. Being resentful can be ugly. Sometimes reacting in a vengeful way can be your downfall. School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 2 encapsulates what happens when your thirst for vengeance turns ugly. Let’s recap the second story from this anthology series.

School Tales The Series Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 opens up with a narrative about a box of curses hidden in the school. If the box is opened, it will bring death. The episode then opens up with a student called Mint falling to her death outside the school. Students find her, and there’s shock amongst them.

The scene then flits to another girl called Pleng, who has the name “Mint” written on her foot; she wipes off the name. Student Pleng looks saddened by the news of Mint’s death, but she’s also focusing on a school horror play script. She’s also got a keen interest in the director, and her rival at the school is a girl called Jinnie. Jinnie tries to call her, but she ignores it and rushes off home. Jinnie was watching her nearby, smiling while chewing gum.

When Pleng gets home, Jinnie tries to ring her again. And then strange noises occur from inside her house. However, she believes it was her dog.

The next day, Jinnie confronts Pleng directly at school and offers her gum. She asks Pleng if she likes the director. Pleng asks if she will steal him off her, just like her friend Mint stole her boyfriend. It’s tense between the two women, and Pleng cuts an angry figure.

Pleng hears a spirit voice calling her name late into the evening at school. The whispers are coming from the attic, so she checks it out. She finds a dusty red box. Inside the box are photos of students, with messages on the back of them honoring their lives. There’s a note that says, “if you want to curse someone, write their name on the back of your foot and do the stomping chant.”

And so, Pleng goes home and writes “Jinnie” on the back of her foot. She then performs the chant.

As she does the chant, Jinnie is at a photo shoot, and she is becoming more disorientated each time Pleng stomps her foot with the chant. All noises are amplified, and she is overstimulated. She starts to see dead people. Completely overwhelmed, she falls unconscious.

The director of the horror play talks to a frustrated Pleng, who doesn’t want to talk to him. He reassures Pleng that he likes her and that Jinnie is his sister. Pleng tells him she doesn’t like Jinnie. She reassures him that she isn’t jealous.

Pleng brings the boy back to her free house so they can hang out. The pair hook up, but when the boy kisses her feet, he sees his sister’s name written on her feet. He’s angry and asks why she has written “Jinnie” on her foot. The boy then receives a call from Jinnie asking for help, and he leaves the house. Pleng then watches Jinnie on a live social media video panicking about a spirit tormenting her, stating that it’s back. Pleng removes “Jinnie” from her foot, but it is too late. Jinnie rips her ears off. She’s tormented further by spirits, telling her to die. Jinnie chokes herself to death.

Her brother finds her dead, and he’s mortified. Pleng sobs, knowing what she has done.

School Tales The Series Season 1 Episode 2 Ending

While Pleng is asleep, “Jinnie” returns on her foot. She wakes up, panicked; she is unable to remove the name. Suddenly, there’s banging on her door. When she looks at her foot, a horrible disease grows on it. She remembers what the note said; that if the curse reflects to the caster, she needs to burn everything in the red box.

The curse continues to spread around Pleng’s foot, and it gets worse, forming into its own little monster. She grabs a knife to kill whatever is inside her foot.

She manages to make it to the school attic but cannot find the red box. Suddenly, a dead Jinnie starts crawling on the floor after her. Pleng apologizes for putting the curse on her and Mint and closes her eyes. When she opens them, there’s a phone on the floor — it’s producing a live feed of her, and she’s getting hated on in the comments. Jinnie puts her hand inside the hole in her foot. Desperate, Pleng starts sawing off her leg to stop her.

A woman finds Pleng at school leaning against a cabinet, with her leg sawed off. She’s dead. The boy she was romantic with remembers his times with her, writing a tribute on social media.

And then suddenly, this boy hears the same spirit Pleng did, and he looks up to the attic. He grabs the same red box. It turns out this was a flashback. He had written “Pleng” on his foot, which led to her demise. He then returned the red box. He successfully got revenge for what Pleng did. The curse did not return to its caster.

“Vengeful Spell” is another good addition to School Tales the Series, even if the premise does feel simplified.

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