School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “Beautiful”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 10, 2022 (Last updated: February 4, 2024)
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School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
School Tales the Series Season 1 Image (Credit to Netflix)


Episode 3 has a promising horror concept, but it falls short of the mark by not being chilling enough.

Be careful what you wish for. In a world where social media and beauty have become standard and hyperfocused, it’s no surprise that this horror anthology has taken on a theme surrounding this. Let’s recap School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 3.

School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 opens up with a girl called Aim, searching in Google, wishing she was beautiful like the student girl Dao. She wants to be the type of beauty that gets you more followers on social media. At school, in the bathrooms, Dao gives Aim a makeup kit that comes recommended. Aim uses it immediately. She overhears other girls talking about how beautiful Dao is and how no makeup powder will make a difference. Aim continues to obsess over her looks, googling for any solution to be beautiful.

Her last search, “will do anything to be beautiful,” causes her lights to go off. The computer pops up with writing, assuring her she will be beautiful but that she must keep it a secret. The screen asks her if she will accept, so she does. Suddenly, she hears a knock on her door, and a black box has been left outside her door.

Aim opens the box, and there’s a pink bottle holding a liquid potion. She drinks half of the potion, and her eyes light up red. She screams in delight at how beautiful she is.

At school the next day, students are amazed at how pretty she has become. She’s a school sensation overnight, with everyone wanting photos with her.

Before her photo shoot, Dao hears about the other beautiful student, Aim. The problems begin. Dao learns that within a week, Aim already has more followers than her on social media, which confuses her.

Aim is asked by many people how she turned beautiful overnight, which frustrates her. She can sense a spirit haunting her already when she gets close to telling anyone her secret. Suddenly, she finds a loose string coming from her neck that’s never-ending. She has to pull it hard, which slices her neck and shows something gruesome coming from the wound. However, when the girls walk into the bathroom, the neck wound does not appear to be there.

Dao finally finds Aim, and she asks her how she became beautiful overnight, refusing to believe she had cosmetic surgery. Aim tells her it is too risky to say to her as she made a promise. Dao gets angry at Aim and is frustrated with her; she wonders if she made a promise to a ghost, but Aim walks off but manages to hurt herself in the process, giving herself a wound on her finger. Meanwhile, Aim is still struggling with her wounds.

Dao turns up for the school photo shoot. The agency brings Aim to the shoot too, which shocks Dao. They talk to her about making her into a star. Dao looks bitter about the situation. Later, a few girls confront Dao about going through Aim’s things. Dao then learns that Aim is throwing away perfectly good food and starts investigating her more closely.

Dao overhears Aim having a conversation with someone about turning beautiful. She then hears loud disturbances coming from Aim’s dorm. And then, a man decides to check out the dorm; he finds a woman on the floor, but something frightens him. Before he can leave, he is killed, and his fingers are chopped off from the door being shut on him.

As for Dao, it gets from bad to worse; her skin is turning blotchy. She then receives a note through her apartment door: “please stop trying. I’m warning you.” This is from Aim.

School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 3 Ending

Dao is fed up and confronts Aim angrily at school. She shows everyone the note she received and starts fighting her by grabbing Aim’s hair. The pair of girls are called into a meeting by the school; they are both told to be mindful of their behavior due to the modeling agency. Aim tells Dao to stop stalking her, but Dao is obsessed with how she got so pretty. Aim explains she’ll lose everything if she tells her the secret.

But Dao has an ace up her sleeve and tells Aim she will lose the agency contract if she doesn’t tell her; she shows her a video off her phone of Aim picking up a bloody dead cat and storing it in a large lunch box. She threatens to send the video to the agency. Further footage shows Aim eating the cat.

Aim asks Dao to keep things a secret if she shows her how she became beautiful. She takes Dao to her place, which has a rotten smell. Aim tells her the awful smell has turned pleasant for her and that every night she must eat rotten things as one of the conditions.

Aim tells Dao she drank the drink offered to her without reading the label. Dao wants to see the drink. Aim points to the cupboard nearby, so Dao opens it to find the drink. Aim starts coughing and falls to the floor, struggling. Dao finds the black box with the bottle filled with pink liquid inside. Aim starts scratching the table and biting it.

Dao wants to be more beautiful and drinks the pink liquid. Meanwhile, Aim’s head detaches from her body. Dao is happy at how suddenly beautiful she is.

But suddenly, Aim’s head floats on a weird-looking creature. Aim tells Dao that she has drunk the monster’s saliva. From now on, Dao will be able to tell ‘what to eat and what not to eat’ by smell; she will be attracted to rotten smells. Suddenly, a pregnant woman knocks on the door, wondering what all the noise is.

The floating Aim-creature hybrid opens the door to the woman, and the episode ends.

Episode 3 has a promising horror concept, but it falls short of the mark by not being chilling enough.

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