School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – “The Book of Corpses”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 10, 2022 (Last updated: February 4, 2024)
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School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 4 Recap
School Tales the Series Season 1 Image (Credit to Netflix)


Bringing a few twists, episode 4 is a good attempt at articulating a dreadful curse.

As we reach the halfway stage, School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 4, it’s clear that the collection of stories is mostly about curses. We have another similar story, this time about a bullied girl who finds herself with an interesting but cursed book. Let’s recap episode 4!

School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 opens with a narration about the school library; the books it holds, and the secrets it harbors. The scene shows someone getting killed by something paranormal. It then introduces the audience to “The Book of Corpses.”

Episode 4 then flits to the principal’s office at the school; a student girl named Saiparn reports to the principal cheating on an exam from a group of other girls. But then, the principal is handed a newspaper about the disappearance and death of a teacher from the same school.

Saiparn is not exactly popular; she’s a transfer student, and the group of girls she reported keep bullying her. She hides in the school library and hears something whispering her name. But then, the group of girls find her and call her a snitch. They grab her arm, but then the librarian finds them and disarms the situation. When the girls leave, Saiparn offers to rearrange the books for the librarian.

While Saiparn arranges the books, she sees a water leak above her, but then a book falls right next to her — “The Book of Corpses.” The trickling of the water gets more aggressive. The librarian finds Saiparn and tells her it is getting late. Saiparn places the book back on the shelf. Saiparn asks about the potentially missing and dead teacher. The librarian states it was a rumor that made people fear the library.

The librarian then tells Saiparn a story about a girl who was bullied at this school twenty years ago and killed herself in the toilets above this library. The rumor is that she put all her torture and hidden pain into this book.

The next day, Saiparn is bullied again by the same group of girls. Saiparn tries to be firm and reason with them, but the leader of the bullies (Kaew) does not withdraw and throws her to the floor before locking her in the bathroom.

When she tries to open the door, she hears a strange noise coming from the other side, and then a bloody pencil rolls toward her. She then sees a woman’s spirit in the mirror looking at her and blood spewing out of the sides. The librarian opens the bathroom doors, which stops Saiparn from screaming. She offers to help her, but Saiparn doesn’t feel she can be helped.

When Saiparn gets home, it turns out she has snuck out the strange book from the library. The book describes how the young girl the librarian described, who was bullied twenty years ago, was forced into loneliness and a lover of solitude. Scenes show how the girl is cruelly bullied. The profound lonely existence of the bullied girl comes to light. Saiparn asks for more about the story from the librarian — according to her, the bullies died precisely how the girl wanted them to by writing their fates in the book.

Saiparn returns home and continues reading the book, which has a lot of violent imagery. The book talks to her, and a spirit grabs her face, but it turns out to be a nightmare. She gets out of bed, closes the book, and falls asleep. The spirit stands over her.

At school, the next day, Saiparn writes in the same book about her bullies. As she leaves the class, the bullies find her and knock the book off her. Kaew sees what she has written — “Kaew, I hate you. When will you die!”

Kaew mocks her for writing that in the book, believing that’s all she can do. She grabs scissors and asks the other bullies to hold Saiparn down. She starts cutting off Saiparn’s hair. The bullies walk off, leaving a furious Saiparn with her cut hair on the ground. She sees the book next to her, pushed onto her by the spirit. She continues to write.

In the evening, Saiparn sees Kaew outside struggling to control her own body; she begins slapping herself repeatedly. Kaew apologizes, but the spirit continues to punish her. Another spirit grabs scissors and slices her neck; she’s dead. Girls nearby see this commotion and run to Kaew’s aid.

School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 4 Ending

In shock by what’s happened, Saiparn visits the library, and she sees blood trickling from the bathroom and then a dead body falls of a man, presumably the male teacher that has gone missing. She then sees the librarian, who is injecting herself with potassium cyanide. The librarian tells Saiparn that she’s read her story in the book, as episode 4 gives the audience a fresh twist; a young woman who just graduated was determined to be a good teacher, but she ended up being isolated because her colleagues did not like her — slandered day after day. That’s until she met a male teacher who offered her friendship. But then he assaulted her. Her soul destroyed, the librarian wanted to die. She wrote in the book that the male teacher died at this school.

She tells Saiparn that she hated Kaew so much that she wanted to die. But Saiparn denies that. The librarian then states she traded her body and soul and gets angry at Saiparn, telling her this is what she wanted. Her human form starts to leave her. Her voice changes too, and Saiparn is terrified of the ordeal.

The librarian’s body starts to implode as another lifeform leaves her and walks toward Saiparn. Saiparn is impaled in the mouth. The narration states that Sapairn’s wish came true, and she found friends who would stay by her side.

Years later, we are at the same school, and a girl visits the library. As she’s about to sit at the computer, “The Book of Corpses” falls next to her. A girl, who looks a lot like Saiparn, tells the girl that this book will be helpful. We can only assume this girl was bullied too.

What did you think of School Tales the Series Season 1 Episode 4, “The Book of Corpses”? Comment below. 

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