Who died in Locke and Key season 3?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: August 10, 2022
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This article, “Who died in Locke and Key season 3”, contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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Throughout Locke and Key, there have been quite a few key deaths along the way, such as Jackie, Rendell, and Eden. Does the same occur in the final season of Locke and Key? Not really, and quite frankly, it’s one of the main downfalls of the season. (But I, of course, couldn’t put that spoiler-filled opinion in my spoiler-free review). Anyways, there are a few notable departures. Below is a list of all the major exits that occur in the third season of Locke and Key season 3.

Who died in the Netflix series Locke and Key season 3?

Dorothy and Ada Wheeler 

Whilst the two scary/freaky sisters are only in Locke and Key for one episode, they certainly make their entrance felt. But when they threaten Bode’s life, you just know their days are numbered. And when Kinsey and Nina use the Mirror Key on the sisters, it seems that the entirety of being trapped in a mirror is somewhat worse than actual death.


Having already died in the second season, Dodge returns thanks to Bode’s interference with the keys. However, this time around, Dodge is slightly nicer and wants to help The Lockes bring Captain Frederick Gideon down. However, as Dodge is technically dead and doesn’t belong in this universe when the sandbox counts down, Dodge disappears into thin air, likely returning to the land of the dead.

Goldie Shaw

Whilst only a minor character in Locke and Key, his death is a huge aspect of the final two episodes. With a key secretly hidden in his head, Captain Frederick Gideon forces Ellie to take him to Goldie. But when Goldie tries to fight back, Captain Frederick Gideon stabs him in the stomach. Whilst Goldie is able to hold on long enough to help Ellie, Tyler, Kinsey, and Sam, he unfortunately still dies from his injuries.

Sam Lesser

Whilst Sam may already be dead, he, like other dead characters, reappears in Locke and Key. And Sam is desperate to make amends with the Locke family for murdering Rendell. So much so that whilst in Goldie’s head, he becomes trapped underneath a piano helping the Lockes. And when Goldie dies and Sam is trapped there forever, he surprisingly seems at peace with it.

Captain Frederick Gideon

Arguably the biggest villain of Locke and Key season 3. Captain Frederick Gideon is determined to open a portal and end the human world. However, no matter how determined he was with his plans, he ultimately gets pushed into that very portal by the Lockes. Karma baby.

The Keys

Or are the keys the biggest villain of Locke and Key? After all, without the keys, none of the above would have happened. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Whilst the keys are not a physical character per se, they did have a huge presence in the three seasons of Locke and Key. And when Nina, Kinsey, Tyler, and Bode throw the keys into the portal, it’s a memorable moment, to say the least.

What did you think of the characters that died or departed in the third season of Locke and Key? Comment below!

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