A League of Their Own season 1 – who is Clance Morgan?

By M.N. Miller
Published: August 12, 2022
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This article, “who is Clance Morgan,” contains spoilers regarding the Amazon original series A League of Their Own (2022) season 1. 

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A League of Their Own is a sports comedy-drama series based on the Penny Marshall classic of the same name. That 1992 film went on to make 132 million dollars at the box office, and in 2012, it was preserved in the United States National Film Registry. One of the principal characters in the main cast is Clance Morgan, played by Gbemisola Ikumelo of Sex Education fame. Her character serves as much of the series comic relief.

So, that begs the question:

Who is Clance Morgan in A League of Their Own season 1? 

Clance Morgan is an aspiring comic book artist in Rockford, Georgia.

What does Clance Morgan do? 

Clance Morgan is an aspiring comic book artist and taken woman living in Rockford, Georgia. She is also the best friend of one of the main characters, Max Chapman, a young woman who dreams of playing professional baseball. Her character was possibly inspired by the first Black woman to have a syndicated comic strip in a U.S. newspaper, Jackie Ormes. She created the popular character, Torchy Brown.

Clance prepares for the marriage to a restaurant worker named Guy. They spend excessive time looking for a crab for a get-together before their wedding. One day, Clance passes out at a church function. Everyone suspects, including Guy, that Clance is pregnant but not telling anyone. It turns out Clance is holding a secret. She is not with child but received a letter a week ago. What is the big deal? It is a draft letter. Guy has been drafted into the Army. Clance did not tell him until he had to leave in two days.

Clance is incredibly supportive of her best friend’s dream but calls her Uncle Bertie a freak for being transgender. After Maxine leaves for her professional baseball league, Clance confides in Max’s mother, Toni. She is pregnant and needs advice on how to be a good mother. Toni tells her not to tell Max because she would just run back to help, and she needs to go on this journey.

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