A Model Family Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – financial freedom

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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A Model Family season 1, episode 5 recap - financial freedom
K-Drama A Model Family Season 1 (Image Credit to Netflix)


There are more close shaves here than ever as the midpoint only heightens the tension further.

Well, it’s all getting a bit complicated at the halfway point, isn’t it? Dong-ha is running product for Kwang-chul who’s in hot water with Yong-soo and Kang-jun, and Joo-hyun is trying to keep an eye on everyone without getting our bumbling professor protagonist killed in the process. But it’s looking like there are inside informers all over the place feeding nuggets of information this way and that, and it’s impossible to tell who’s really on which side.

A Model Family Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

At the same time, these events are having a knock-on effect for Dong-ha’s family. With all that going on, how can Eun-ju have any faith in Dong-ha’s constant claims that their financial salvation is just around the corner? Of course, we see the lengths he’s going to, but from the opposing perspective, it’s just one empty guarantee after another.

There’s that midpoint feeling here as we can sense all the disparate characters and threads closing in on Dong-ha’s place. There are the bodies in the garden, the bottles of product in the closet, the bag of money in the garage. There are police surrounding the place, Yeon-woo hiding out in the yard, and Kang-jun, who supposedly has a plan, waiting to raid the joint. It’s a lot, to say the least.

Perhaps inevitably, Yeon-woo discovers the money in the garage. After she rides off with some of it, leaving Eun-ju to discover the remainder strewn all over the place, and Dong-ha to discover that whole mess. Needless to say, this is a problem.

So, Yeon-woo has a rucksack full of dough. Dong-ha, knowing she’s taken a hefty amount, tries to track her down, but doesn’t consider the optics, so Kwang-chul assumes he’s doing a runner. If he doesn’t retrieve the money pretty quickly, Kwang-chul will kill him.

Yeon-woo ends up holing up in a motel with a “friend” and the cash, which turns pear-shaped pretty quickly, but Kwang-chul quickly and bloodily solves the problem, though leaves Dong-ha to deal with the cleaning up. Since Dong-ha doesn’t want Eun-ju to know what’s happening, Yeon-woo is sworn to secrecy. And while it’s a predicament to be in, in a twisted way, perhaps a secret with her father is exactly what the girl needs in order to be brought closer to him?

Anyway, crisis averted – kind of. While the police have little to go on, Dong-ha’s involvement is evident, and eventually, one way or another, the investigators are going to start putting the pieces together. Dong-ha still has his deliveryman work to be getting on with, and Kwang-chul finds himself in something of a predicament to close out the episode on a bit of a cliff-hanger.

You can feel it all coming together now though, right? All the elements are beginning to form quite a complex tapestry that is able to build tension in a variety of ways. There are so many things that might be discovered, so many things that people might find out, that the whole thing is beginning to teeter on a knife-edge. Now we’re entering the back half of the season, odds are things will only get more interesting.

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