Day Shift (2022) ending explained – how undead is the undead?

By Andy -Punter
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: August 1, 2023)

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Day Shift (2022) and contains spoilers.

From our review. Jamie Foxx is a working-class guy struggling to make ends meet. His estranged wife wants to move across the country with his daughter unless he can prove that he is able to make ends meet and pay for her school and braces. He has just one week to raise $10,000, or his wife and daughter move to Florida.

Surrounded, it looks like our heroes are doomed. Wait? Is that Snoop (Big John)? Just in time, Big John turns up to lend a hand. 

Bud leads an expedition into the tunnels, and everyone gets the chance to kick some ass. Until they run into insurmountable danger, naturally, xx shows up and wields a Gatling gun, mowing down a whole host of vampires. 

On the way to Audrey, they move through the horde, clearing out bad guys with glee, and uncovering a lab-producing sunscreen. Snoop does his thing but runs into trouble before picking a fight with a vampire. The vamp stands no chance. 

As Bud and Big John get nearer, the big bad sniffs him out and it’s time for some captor/captive badinage — you’ll never take him etc

Bud and xx work their way through the vampires, exchanging witticisms as they go until very sadly, Big John takes an unsurvivable bite. Big John has his heroic moment of martyrdom by closing the gates, taking on the vamps himself, sealing his own doom and freeing up Bud to fight Audrey (there is much slow motion to emphasise his heroism). 

Netflix film Day Shift (2022) ending explained

Bud finally takes on Audrey, the henchman. They fight, until, wait a minute, Seth and Heather show up, teaming up to take him out.

All that is left is for Bud to face the big bad himself. Can he save his family? 

After a bit of a classic dust-up, he finally bests the evil Audrey, eventually by his wife, stabbing her in the heart with a stake. Weakened, she stumbles and Bud finishes the job by shooting her in the head. She rounds on him and charges before running square into the silver wire, decapitating herself. 

After a tearful farewell to Big John, Seeger shows up and he and Seth engage in something of a regulation-off. Thereby proving that Bud can retain his Union membership. 

So the remaining question stands, does Bud have a family? They promise to try, taking it one day at a time. 

Just when we think it’s all over, Big John clambers out of a sewer vent and lights a smoke. Cue the closing credits. 

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