A League of Their Own season 1, episode 3 recap – “The Cut Off”

By M.N. Miller
Published: August 12, 2022
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A League of Their Own’s characters are rounding the cases in more ways the one and offer less comic relief for layered storytelling about operating in the shadows of oppression.

This recap of the Amazon original series A League of Their Own (2022) season 1, episode 3, “The Cut Off,” contains spoilers. 

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A League of Their Own season 1, episode 3 recap

Carson has some interesting dreams. Things are always heating up on A League of Their Own. She dreams of her husband, Charlie (Patrick J. Adams), showing up in his uniform, and they jump in bed together. Her roommate woke up and saw they were in the middle of foreplay. It’s Greta, and she wants to make it a threesome. Just when she has both sucking on her neck like a couple of The Great Garfield Window toys, she wakes up. A few moments later, she converses with Greta about being just friends. Ms. Gill reminds her that being friends can be interpreted in many ways.

The Rockford Peaches are in last place under Dove’s leadership. The team is rumbling about his coaching style, lack of practice, and cutting some dead weight. The team is paid, but Jess infers that this will be her last paycheck to Carson. Meanwhile, Lupe is taken under her wing by Dove and is doing interviews with the press. Dove brags about his time with Joe Dimaggio. He then calls his star pitcher “Little Dove” and “The Spanish Striker.” However, this is all for the cameras. When her arm begins to feel pain, he plays it off like she is only tired and not hurt. When the team tries to address Dove’s lack of practice, Carson approaches him with a pie. That doesn’t work, so Greta and Jo appropriately mock her for it. When Jo comes to Dove about his coaching, he makes her run laps.

Max and Greta arrange a practice at night to help them improve. You know, since Dove refuses to have them. They win the game, despite their star pitcher, who needs the rest and is losing a drop on her forkball. The practices are going well, and Carson is a good coach. However, Greta and Carson are growing closer, making Jo jealous. Greta tries to kiss Carson in the kitchen, but she pulls away and tells her not to kiss her because she is normal. Later, when Greta is on a date, with Carson assigned to escort her, it is Carson who is jealous of Greta being on a date, and she needles the poor man about not being a “real” doctor because he is a veterinarian.

Lupe is out of the loop. Why? Because of her allegiance to Dove. Eventually, Lupe confronts Esti about what is going on, and she relents but ultimately has her go to Carson. Of course, her catcher pleads with her to tell Dove to let her rest. Does Lupe finally tell Dove she knows her body needs to take a break? No, she tells Dove about what has been happening, and he threatens Carson to never go behind his back again. She is benched.

Max faces a tough decision during a church revival. She goes over her plan with Clance. Max will work her factory at night — to get on the baseball team — then salon during the day. That’s when Clance passes out. Was it the heat? We don’t know, but it looks like she may be pregnant to me. It is later confirmed when Max’s father, Edgar (Swinger’s Alex Desert), talks to her husband, Guy.

They are sitting on the front porch, having a drink, and he pulls out an egg. He tells him he must take care of the egg. If he can, he can then be a good father. (I hope you are thinking what I am thinking — where did he get the egg, and does he carry one around all the time?). Except, it wasn’t. Clance’s husband, the Guy, was sent a draft notice, and she never told him he had two days to report.

The ending

The show ends with Max finally telling her mother that she has a job at the factory. She wants to work there, not be part owner of her Mom’s salon, and play baseball. In the next game, Dove pulls Lupe from the game, and Carson tells Dove to his face he humiliated her. Carson receives a phone call from Charlie, who tells her he is in Dublin for some leave and doesn’t want to waste a moment of his life. Carson apologizes to Charlie about the letter but says he never got it. The episode ends with Charlie hanging up the phone, and he isn’t in Ireland but an infirmary. Has Charlie suffered some psychological collapse?

Either way, this inspires Carson to grab Greta and take her somewhere private, and when we last see them, they are approaching second, and I guess the third base coach will be telling them to round third and head for home plate.

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