Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – “…had an Indian boyfriend”

By Marc Miller
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 2, 2024)
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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 9 Recap
Never Have I Ever Season 3 Image (Credit to Netflix)


Poorna Jagannathan’s tiger mom is a standout here.

As we reach Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 9, we thought Rhyah cared for Devi, but when we look back at the season, she has had a disapproving look. She finds out that Devi could not walk for a time when her father died. Rhyah was there when it was announced that she cheated at the debate match. Finally, when she tells Nalini how she caught them, Rhyah is taken aback when Nalini allows Devi to date her son. She even tries to convince Nalini that she does not want to pressure her to say yes. However, Nalini says that Des has been a good influence on Devi. However, after seeing the look on Rhyah’s face, we now wonder if she is worried about the impact Devi could have on Des.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

Let us move on to tonight, where Devi will perform at the school spring concert, her first since her father had a heart attack in front of her (and during the actual show). Things are going well, though. Nalini has been genuinely nice to Des, and she favors this relationship. However, when the concert starts, Devi realizes that this is their first time performing in the concert since her father’s death. She has a panic attack, and Rhyah finds her crying in the bathroom next to the garbage can.

We now see Rhyah win back our trust in her as she comforts Devi through this moment. Rhyah has her take some deep breaths to slow her breathing, so she is no longer hyperventilating. Remember, Devi is still processing this trauma. Her mother’s best friend tells her that grief is an expression of love and remembers how much he loved her. She offers to take her home, but Devi wants to play. She hugs the young woman, and we can now forgive her for indicating she was hesitant about her son’s new relationship.

But, as I frequently say, we cannot have nice things. Rhyah has a concerned look on her face when she gets back to the concert. When the recital is over, she pulls her son aside and tells Des he can longer see Devi. Now, we are being too hard on Rhyah. This is her son she is concerned about. He is on his way to Stanford and is afraid Devi is going down a path that may derail his future. Sure, it is not empathetic, but some parents are cutthroat regarding their children. So, when she tells her son to stop seeing Devi, we know he will ignore his mom, right? Even though, as McEnroe puts it, “spanked” her harp solo, Des tells her he cannot see her tomorrow. He becomes distant all week because he is the biggest mama’s boy the world has ever known.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 9 Ending

The main issue now is that Ben overhears this conversation and tells Devi. When she confronts Des about it, he confirms it. To add salt to the wound, after Devi asks why he would listen to her, he does not know. However, he adds dating her is not worth pissing off his mom (oh, boy). Also, he brings up that she does pay his cell phone bill (well, which makes sense). Devi throws coffee in his face because he deserves it. I wish it were piping hot instead of a cold brew.

Of course, Rhyah is there and brings the kids back to Nalini to tell her what Devi did to her precious boy. It all comes out to what Rhyah did, and Nalini tells her off because what Devi has been through is unimaginable. She has persevered, and a person as flimsy as Rhyah what break like a twig. So, Devi may have lost a boyfriend, but she has gained more love and trust in her relationship with her mother.

The episode ends with Devi apologizing to Ben for yelling at him when he gave her the bad news. Ben even gives her a coupon for one free boink. The narrator ends the episode with the words, “XOXO, John McEnroe.”

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