Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained

By Marc Miller
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 2, 2024)
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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 10 Recap and Ending Explained
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Never Have I Ever wraps up its third season with Devi making a life-changing decision in an episode that is funny and touching.

As the Tamil remix plays, Devi is about to end her junior year at Sherman Oaks in Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 10. As John McEnroe states, going into her senior year is the pinnacle of human existence. However, she gets some great, even life-changing news. Each year, the school nominates the top academic junior to attend a prestigious academic school in Colorado called Shrubland.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

She tells Ben, who makes fun of the school out of pettiness. They insult each other. Ben says he would rather get into the Ivy League the old-fashioned way and not a school that uses hippie crystals. She retorts, the old-fashioned way of having his dad use his connections to get Ben in? Her girls are excited about her but do not want her to go. Devi says she wants to stay, especially after finding out not only Eleanor lost her virginity to Trent, but so did Fabiola with Addison.

At dinner, Nalini mentions that Devi has not told them about the school she got into (the principal called her). She says it is not a big deal, but Manish speaks up and says it is important because no one can get in there — even when he applied for a teaching job. That is when Nirmani tells him he should be thankful he does not work there because he is too delicate to work at a high altitude. He says ouch or burn (or something indicating how her comment stung). “I thought you liked me now?” he says to the family Pati. She replies, “I love you. Which is why I worry about how weak you are.”

Devi does not want to go, and neither does Nalini. Kalama approaches her later and urges her to at least take a visit. This reminds her of when she told her husband she wanted to return to India. He convinces her they came here for their daughter to get the best education possible. So, Nalini changes her mind, and they go on a visit together. The school has college-level courses and allows enough flexibility to treat its students as adults. Devi tells her mom she wants to go.

Devi then goes to graduation to watch Paxton speak. Is he valedictorian? No, of course not. But for some reason, this school has the most famous person to speak to. He even talks about that special someone who pushed him to success – Devi – but as McEnroe notes, her stomach is not in knots. However, it is for Ben when he tells her that he does not want her to go. Paxton then interrupts them, and they have a final moment before Paxton heads off to Arizona State. Paxton tells her he would not have gotten into college if it was not for her. Devi tells him that he got her through the death of her father. He asks, how? (So do the rest of us, by the way). “By being a dream,” she says.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Ending Explained

Devi returns to her house and tells her mother she is not ready to leave her yet. Why? Because the young woman realizes she is obsessed with the future, she must be mindful of the present. Which, after what she has been through, she learns is a very precious thing. Devi decides she will not leave and is not ready to say goodbye to her mother.

Finally, Devi realizes who she has liked all along. She goes to Brian’s home and hands him the coupon he gave her— “One Free Boink.” This hairy bastard is about to get lucky, which I thought I heard John McEnroe say. But when I rewound, it turns out he did not say a damn thing.

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