Here’s everything that happened in Never Have I Ever Season 3

By Marc Miller
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 2, 2024)
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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Recap (Episodes 1-10)
Never Have I Ever Season 3 Image (Credit to Netflix)

The junior season of Never Have I Ever is from the mind of Mindy Kaling and co-created by Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer Lang Fisher, which has managed to survive the Netflix ax to Season 3. The main cast features a majority of East Indian ethnicity. Also, a show that has very progressive characters. The only white main character is a shorter and hairier version of Jake Gyllenhaal. A lot happens in Season 3, so here is an easy-to-read recap of everything that happens.

Episode 1 — “…been s**t shamed”  

Devi is now full of pride as she and Paxton are officially an item. However, the gossip/mean girls at school hypothesize how the school’s hottest guy is going out with a nerd like Devi. Of course, our anxious hero of the story does not take it well. Unfortunately, just as she calms her fears of inadequacy, she receives an anonymous text from someone warning her Paxton is not who she thinks she is. Also, Fabiola breaks up with her girlfriend after finding a long-distance relationship, putting too much stress on her academics. Finally, Kamala informs the family she is not going to get married.

Episode 2 — “…had my troll”  

Devi finds out that the woman warning her about Paxton was his former best friend, Haley Garcia, who assumed Paxton was perfect. They hooked up once, and he ghosted her the next day. Devi’s mother, Nalini, makes a new friend, Rhyah and Nirmala throw a makeshift East Indian Bachelorette party so she can find a husband. Finally, Aneesa and Fabiola kiss in the girl’s bathroom.

Episode 3 — “…had a valentine”  

It is Valentine’s Day, and, as John McEnroe narrates, this day is going to “fricken rule” and stick that in your vape pen and “smoke it,” loser single girls! The high school throws a fun game of their version of e-harmony by matching the most compatible students. (Somehow, this seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen). Unfortunately, Paxton and Hailey are deemed perfect for each other. Devi is matched with Eric Perkins, and of course, Ben lies that he was matched with his girlfriend, but it is Devi he was scientifically paired with. The show ends with Paxton breaking up with Devi.

Episode 4 — “…made someone jealous”  

Paxton and Devi are now broken up, and she is set up with Rhyah’s son, Des, to go to a party together. She hates the idea but quickly changes her mind when she looks at him. After insulting him by assuming he would be a nerd before she met him, he sees her panic when she spots Paxton kissing another girl. He sweetly takes her back into the house for a dance to make Paxton jealous, and she thinks he makes sea slug school sound hot.

Episode 5 — “…been ghosted”  

Now that Devi is single, she brushes up on her flirting skills at a community service charity event. As John McEnroe narrates, she will find a nice boy and “suck the face” right off of him. Things between Fabiola and Aneesa continue to act awkward around each other, and they cannot find that initial spark.

Episode 6 — “…had a breakdown”  

This is a Ben-centric episode, as Andy Samberg returns to narrate. Ben is told to drop some classes because he is taking too many. And, to make things worse, he has not defecated in weeks. (Yes, you read that right). After a searing pain in his abdomen has him squealing in pain, Paxton picks him up and takes him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with impacted fecal matter in the colon. Yes, Ben is, in fact, full of s**t because he has not had a bowel movement in 16-days. He ends up helping Paxton write his college essay. Finally, Devi texts Des, and he stops ghosting her.

Episode 7 — “…cheated”  

Devi and Des continue to date behind their mother’s backs. However, when Devi faces her boyfriend in a debate club match from rival schools, Manish catches her cheating. Instead of impacting her future, he takes her home to Devi’s mother and grandmother and tells them what she did so they can handle this as a private family manner. This causes Nirmala to see the man that Kamala has fallen for, and she accepts him.

Episode 8 — “…hooked up with my boyfriend”  

Devi and Des are progressing in their relationship, and the mothers have not yet caught on. Well, Devi’s mother figures she just has a crush on him. However, Devi is determined to hook up with him, and just when she is about to hand in her v-card for good, Rhyah walks in on them.

Episode 9 — “…had an India boyfriend”  

We thought Rhyah cared for Devi, but when we look back at the season, she has had a disapproving look. She finds out that Devi could not walk for a time when her father died. Rhyah was there when it was announced that she cheated at the debate match. And finally, when she tells Nalini how she caught them, Rhyah is taken back when Nalini will allow Devi to date her son. To make matters worse, when she comforts Devi in the bathroom while she is hyperventilating at school when she sees her father at the recital (Remember, Devi is still processing this trauma), she comforts her but tells her son after he cannot see her anymore.

Ben overhears this conversation and tells Devi. When she confronts Des about it, he confirms it. To add salt to the wound, after Devi asks why he would listen to her, he does not know. However, he adds she does pay his cell phone bill (which makes sense). Devi throws coffee in his face.

Episode 10 — “…lived the dream”  

Devi is about to go to a prestigious school in Colorado, Shrubland, for her senior year but returns and tells her mother she is not ready to leave her yet. Finally, Devi realizes who she has liked all along. She goes to Brian’s home and hands him the coupon he gave her— “One Free Boink.” This hairy bastard is about to get lucky, which I thought I heard John McEnroe say. But when I rewound, it turns out he did not say a damn thing.

That is the full story recap of what happened in Never Have I Ever Season 3. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below. 

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