This Fool Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – “Putazos”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2024)
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This Fool Season 1 Episode 2 Recap
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The show’s humor still isn’t perfect, but the jokes begin to work more often than not now. There are some comical running gags within, and the episode’s climax is quite endearing.

In This Fool Season 1 Episode 2, the ex-gang member and the previously incarcerated Luis get back into bad habits when he meets up with a rival thug, whilst Julio tries his best to steer his cousin down a righteous path. The series continues to tussle with its teething problems, although the humor starts to improve after the opening installment.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

“Putazos” opens with Julio and Luis driving to the grocery store with the unhinged chef Percy for company. They have cupcakes to sell, but as usual the sparring cousins find themselves in another pointless argument. Luis is reminiscing the good old days and Julio again becomes the butt of the joke, with Percy referring to him as a Benjamin Button type. Luis does admit that he finds baking therapeutic though, and thanks Julio for getting him into the program. The trio of misfits drop off their cupcakes and Luis faces an old enemy. Rival gangster Devante squares up to Luis and the criminals agree to meet later that day for a fight.

Julio spends the remainder of the episode trying to talk Luis out of this fight, but the cousin won’t budge. They drive around the neighborhood rounding up Luis’ boys for this almighty showdown. This allows for some hilarious running gags, including Julio constantly stretching as if preparing for a race and the old gang members asking Luis for money that he owes them. The first stop leads the gang to Fatass’ crib, yet the obese thug has passed away, so they take a cardboard cut-out of him instead.

Boy number two, Cuete, answers the door, coated in tattoos, but he says his sciatic nerve is playing up and he can’t risk it, so he declines. Luis slowly starts to realize that his crew and his own body are aging rapidly and the gang are just not up to their old tricks. Cuete’s twelve-year-old son Junior comes along to join the fight though. Junior is a flamboyant musical-lover, who thinks he’s about to relive the West Side Story. Luis himself has acid reflux, then later hurts his neck and Julio tries to convince him to reschedule the fight some more.

The show flicks through the remaining home boys in a well-crafted montage. The excuses are plastered on the screen this time, with reasons ranging from winning the lottery to just not feeling it. Luis grows frustrated and decides to try one last house, his wild card option, Cyco. This thug opens the door dressed in reformed clothing, but mentally he still dreams of the gangster life. Cyco lives up to his name and produces an assortment of guns and weaponry for Luis’ crew. Julio and the gang are scared witless by this psycho and run away like cowards.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 2 Ending

Luis falls asleep after all this action, so they drive him back to the Hugs Not Thugs center. Luis appears disheartened by the experience and Julio completely U-turns on his previous stance, now happy to fight alongside his cousin. It doesn’t entirely add up, but the sentiment is clear, Julio is there for his cousin. They head to the fight, ready to face their enemies with a less-than adequate turn out. Devante appears to have had similar problems. He arrives with an old man and a corgi as his only team members. The old man appears to be his granddad and Devante’s T-shirt explains that one of their gang members has died as well.

Luis and Devante ignore their rivalry and put down their weapons, condoling one another for their losses. Things are different now and the criminals put aside their own differences for the better. It’s a sweet reflection that highlights the show’s emotional leanings, which are possibly its strongest feature. The aging criminals decide to watch some younger thugs fighting instead and the deceased gang members Badass and Bust-a-Nut watch from the heavens.

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