This Fool Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “Emotional Timothy”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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This Fool Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
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An improved offering that utilizes Luis’ comedic character to great effect. This fun installment tackles closure and some messy relationships in more detail.

This Fool finally finds its groove in Season 1 Episode 3, with Luis confronting his ex-fiancée and Julio ditching his own ex to go on a date. “Emotional Timothy” is all about closure, but the series still finds room for some comical scenarios and Luis is gifted with all the best one liners. The show has a real hidden weapon in this immature criminal cousin, who could be a comedic tour-de-force in the making.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

The episode begins with Luis describing in graphic detail a dirty sex story of his own, while Julio scrolls through a dating app, ignoring his cousin completely. Julio explains that he is done with Maggie and wants to start dating again. Luis can’t understand why online dating has caught on and starts cat calling all the passing pedestrians. He reckons he can get as many dates in person as Julio can off of the app. Cue a montage of Luis flirting with hilarious if creepy chat-up lines. He manages to acquire four phone numbers after chatting to around thirty women. In the same time Julio has landed one date via the app.

Julio returns Maggie’s items in a large cardboard box. Maggie finds the whole situation to be terribly clichéd and ever so typical of her ex. He’s adamant he cannot stay, but then spies her messy apartment and winds up cleaning her dishes. Maggie steals Julio’s phone and giggles at his pretentious profile, calling him out as a faker. Julio projects a smug righteousness, but he’s actually a hypocrite deep down and “Emotional Timothy” finally addresses this negative aspect to his personality.

During group therapy Luis brags about his sexual encounter and the topic moves onto his ex-girlfriend. Luis was engaged when he went into prison and she never once visited him while he was incarcerated. Minister Payne tells Luis that he needs closure from this break-up else he’ll continue to resent her indefinitely. Luis complains about buying her an expensive ring and Minister Payne agrees to help Luis retrieve this ring and hopes he’ll find closure in the process.

Julio goes on his date. As usual, he tries to impress with lies and arrogance. Julio pretends to enjoy the vegan meal and talks about starting his own coffee shop. Maggie calls him up, asking for his help. She’s lost her pet rabbit and Julio swiftly comes to the rescue. His poor date is lied to once again and completely abandoned.

Luis and Minister Payne pay the ex a visit. Luis cowardly hides behind a bush and Minister Payne is then verbally assaulted by this angry woman. She calls Luis a cheat and explains how the ring reminds her not to make similar mistakes in the future. Minister Payne talks her around and she agrees to return the ring if she can kick Luis in the privates. A hilarious slow-motion sequence follows and Luis hobbles away with his ring. Minister Payne is given the same treatment and asks for some money from Luis in return for his troubles. They try to pawn the ring, but of course it is a fake.

Minister Payne opens up about his own money woes and confesses to divorcing his ex, who happens to also be his landlord. Luis buys a hammer and smashes Payne’s window, explaining that you don’t have to pay rent until the window is fixed. The loophole impresses Minister Payne and it seems like a cute friendship may be blossoming between the two has-beens.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 3 Ending

Back at Maggie’s apartment and Julio searches the flat for this elusive rabbit. He ends up unwittingly cleaning her apartment again, until Maggie hears the rabbit inside her couch. They manically tear the furniture apart, but Maggie only finds a sex toy inside, which she quips is the wrong rabbit. Julio fears there never was a rabbit and tells Maggie that he is flattered she would go to all this effort to ruin his date. Maggie is offended by this assumption and kicks him out of the flat.

Standing in Maggie’s corridor, Julio decides to block his date’s phone number. It’s implied that because his date was built upon lies, Julio doesn’t see a future for their relationship, or maybe he’s just not over Maggie yet. He turns to leave and spies the white rabbit on the floor. He returns the rabbit, but finds Maggie holding her own rabbit in her arms. What’s with all the rabbits?

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