This Fool Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – “Y Tu Julio Tambien”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022 (Last updated: February 1, 2024)
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This Fool Season 1 Episode 4 Recap
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More farcical fun from the comedy series as Julio avoids his own birthday party like the plague. There are plenty of visual gags and heart-warming camaraderie, but the show feels a little repetitive already.

In This Fool Season 1 Episode 4, it’s Julio’s birthday and it has to be said, this man really hates birthdays with an absolute passion. In “Y Tu Julio Tambien” our leading man tries to avoid the celebration of his own birth at all costs, whilst his ex, Maggie, flaunts a new date to enrage Julio further.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Julio stares ominously at a singular cross on his wall calendar. Sneaking a head outside of his room, he spies the female family members busying in the kitchen. Julio signals over his two nephews in secret and asks them to set off fireworks in the garden as a distraction. Julio does not want to be seen or cornered on his birthday. The protagonist makes his escape, but is stalled at the door by Luis. Julio is acting rather suspiciously and Luis senses trouble afoot. He guards the doorway, stopping Julio from leaving. Julio resorts to biting Luis’ arm and makes his departure.

The escapee can be found at the dentists, where he ponders what to say to Maggie via text message, while he sits waiting in the dentist chair. He hesitates texting her ‘I miss you’ and concludes with sending a lie about an earthquake. The dentist queries his paperwork, saying it can’t be your birthday, surely? Julio admits that he purposely scheduled this appointment for his birthday. The dentist is confused by this notion and worries that Julio is one of those sick perverts that enjoys been tortured. He refuses to see Julio, but adds that he’ll still be charging him.

Out in the car park and Minister Payne phones with an emergency. Fabian has been arrested for flashing and he needs Julio to cover for him at Hugs Not Thugs. Julio protests that he booked the day off, but Minister Payne convinces him to attend anyway. Tip-toeing around the building, Julio quickly discovers that everyone is aware of his birthday and that this may have been a ruse. The Chef puts the finishing touches on a beautiful cake and Luis walks around with some party balloons. Julio is spotted and flees, although Minister Payne blocks his exit. Julio uses those delectable gnashers once more and bites his boss, escaping to his car.

All the employees and program members surround Julio’s car, rocking the vehicle side to side as they sing Happy Birthday. This is Julio’s nightmare and he blindly speeds out of the parking lot, knocking the Chef Percy off of the roof in the process. This is a farcical situation, but quite a fun setup.

Julio lays in bed, staring at the ceiling. Maggie sneaks into his room via the window and makes unusual dirty talk to the birthday boy. Julio starts to enjoy this strange foreplay and then an earthquake dramatically rocks the room. He wakes from his dream and finds himself in a fresh nightmare. Luis and the gang break into his bedroom, sporting Julio face masks and drag him to his party.

This Fool Season 1 Episode 4 Ending

At the bowling alley, everyone is having a great time except for Julio. The criminals enjoy their games. They celebrate with elaborate dance moves or joke around by making rude gestures out of the equipment. Minister Payne explains how these individuals appreciate what Julio has done for them and want to return the favor, to celebrate his birthday in style. Julio agrees to change his attitude and walks off to buy some booze. This was his own little ploy and he grabs his shoes, hoping to make a quick getaway. Although he bumps into Maggie and her date instead.

Maggie’s date is called Julio Tambien and there is an instant rivalry between the two Julios. Our Julio, Julio Lopez, sees the bowling match as a competitive game, but both Julios are terrible players. Maggie flirts with her date and winds Julio up even further as they stare at one another down the bowling alley. Julio Lopez ends with a better score than Julio Tambien and decides to face plant his birthday cake in victory. The others are horrified by this social faux pas and tell Julio that he’s ruined his own birthday. He goes to the bathroom to wipe off the icing dripping from his face and Maggie corners her ex. She tells him to admit that he misses her and that he wants to kiss her. Julio conforms and Maggie goes in for the kiss, but she pulls away at the last second, teasing the birthday boy. Poor Julio never gets what he wants, but the man needs to lighten up a little. I mean who doesn’t love a good birthday party?

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