This Fool season 1 – does Luis get his life back on track?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022
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This article, “does Luis get his life back on track,” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s This Fool season 1.

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Luis is a bit of an enigma in the Hulu comedy series This Fool. He can be lovable and comforting one moment, then loud and obnoxious in the next. For the most part, Luis is an immature and selfish criminal, but there are times when he transcends this cliché and becomes a genuine, three-dimensional character. When we appreciate Luis, we’re all fighting for him, hoping he can get his life back on track, to make something of himself. But does he achieve this in season one?

This Fool season 1 – does Luis get his life back on track?

Luis starts season one as a childish jokester, who has just spent the last eight years imprisoned. As soon as Julio comes to collect him, the two cousins restart their old rivalry and are constantly arguing with one another. Luis is a reckless and impulsive handyman, your stereotypical bloke, whilst Julio is the complete opposite. Julio over prepares for everything, he’s anxious and has a severe case of OCD. These two opposing cousins spend the majority of the series at each other’s throats, but slowly Luis starts to turn his life around.

At first Luis hates the program and sees baking cupcakes at Hugs Not Thugs to be both demeaning and actually surprisingly tricky. Julio bullies Luis over his amateurish cooking, but keeps a close eye on his cousin, constantly pushing him to stick with the program. Luis doesn’t appreciate this hands on approach at first, but slowly comes around with the additional help of a few extra individuals.

Minister Payne helps Luis find some closure with his ex-fiancée. They were engaged to be married when Luis went down and he has always regretted giving her an engagement ring. Payne and Luis head over to retrieve this ring and the old couple apologize to one another. Then via private therapy sessions, Luis begins to fully understand his past behaviors and why he tends to use humor at all costs, which only alienates him further from others. Volunteer psychologist Sandy explains to the criminal how he uses comedy to hide his own trauma and Luis feels instantly better after addressing these issues.

Luis is slowly given more responsibilities at Hugs Not Thugs and even babysits Julio’s nephews one day. In a farcical scenario Luis comes face to face with an adult that he bullied as a child and sees the wrongs of his ways. At a family gathering Luis apologizes to everyone that he has hurt over the years and follows the program perfectly. In the finale, Luis writes up his CV and goes shopping for an interview suit.

Whilst at the clothes shop, Luis reprimands a thief and is hired on the spot by the store owner. The owner even lets Luis keep the suit he was about to purchase for free. Things are looking up for the lovable rogue and he eventually moves out of Julio’s mother’s house and gets his own place. It may only be a garage but it is a start. Luis ends the season with a new job and a new bachelor pad. This is immense progress for the man who started with no prospects and lots of baggage.

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