13: The Musical ending explained – does Evan keep his friendships?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 13, 2022

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film 13: The Musical and will contain spoilers. 

When Evan has his Bar Mitzvah there is a song that he sings to his classmates and they all chime in. Evan realizes that they’re all still young and that they have a long way to go.

The meaning of the song really can resonate with everyone because we are all growing and learning from each other every single day. There is no rush to take on so much responsibility and grow up too fast because everyone has time for that. It’s a sweet sentiment after watching all the children come together after dealing with the pressure of popularity.

They become one cohesive unit and celebrate Evan’s Bar Mitzvah together. Evan and Patrice remain close friends, while Evan explores who he is on this new journey in a new city. He can stay friends with everyone and keep his friend circles together.

In the end, making these friendships in middle school or high school keeps teenagers sane and in their little bubble. They can express themselves with the right people and 13: The Musical showed that. 

Netflix film 13: The Musical ending explained

What Evan learns as well is that he can’t control everything that happens. It’s hard to go through a parent’s divorce and feel like you have everything under control. You feel like you have to grow up fast to keep everyone together.

Evan hyper-fixates on his big birthday bash to distract himself from all the changes that are happening in his life. In doing so, he understands that some things are just too big for him to take on and he accepts the fact that he can only live day to day with his own decisions.

Teens feel like the world is coming to an end when a change happens or if there is even a minor inconvenience. It’s hard for any teenager to process especially when their hormones are all over the place. The end of this movie is great because all of his classmates come together and have fun at his big party where everyone feels comfortable and accepted.

13 is a difficult transitional period, and having friends does help you along the way. 

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