Tekken: Bloodline season 1, episode 5 recap – “Embracing Kazama”

August 18, 2022
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It gets darker as the series reaches nearer to the end.

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It gets darker as the series reaches nearer to the end.

This recap of the Netflix anime series Tekken Bloodline season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

Here are five reasons to watch Tekken: Bloodline.

A dark secret has been brewing since episode 1. Amongst all the chaos, Tekken Bloodline has managed to maintain a genuinely engaging story that will keep audiences until the end. Let’s recap episode 5.

Tekken: Bloodline season 1, episode 5 recap

Episode 5 opens with Ling Xiaoyu fighting King. King wins by knockout. Ling Xiaoyu is badly injured, so Jin tends to hurt to check if she’s okay. Jin reveals to Ling Xiaoyu that he’s been training to avenge his mother.

Next up is King versus Paul Phoenix. Heihachi tells Jin that King is not who they thought him to be; King was killed by Ogre, so they have no idea who King is. He also reveals that without the Devil Gene, Phoenix would have defeated his father.

During the fight, Phoenix appears to have the upper hand, but then King finds incredible strength to defeat Phoenix by knockout. Heihachi tells Jin he now knows who he must defeat.

Heihachi is attacked by Michelle Chang — she wants to know what happened to her mother, and she wants her mother’s pendant back. Jin sees this unfold, and he’s confused. Jin stops the fight and asks Heihachi what he’s doing. Heihachi calls Michelle Chang an assassin and tells Jin to win the tournament. Jin tells Heihachi to run the tournament while he takes care of Michelle.

When Heihachi walks off, Jin tries to help Michelle up, but she has figured out that Jin is a Mishima. She explains her mother was trying to use the pendant for good, and Heihachi stole it from her after trying to keep it away from him. She believes Heihachi is trying to use it for evil. Jin tells her that Heihachi is trying to stop Ogre. Michelle tells Jin that her mother believed that Heihachi released Ogre into the world.

Michelle then reveals that Jin has more in common with King than he thought — King’s mother was also killed by Ogre. But King is here for the money to fund an orphanage.

And so, Jin fights King in the final. King gets the upper hand early with Jin struggling against him. However, Jin finds his strength and knocks King out. He’s declared the winner. Showing mercy, Jin tells King that the prize money is all his and he can build the orphanage. Heihachi tells Jin that he must defeat one final opponent to win the tournament.  Himself. It’s Jin versus Heihachi.

It’s worrying for Jin as he’s still weak from his last fight. Heihachi tells Jin that he’s failed himself, his mother, and his teachings. He tells him Ogre will not waste his time on him.

Jin asks Heihachi if he unleashed Ogre, but Heihachi avoids the question; he blames Heihachi for all the good people who have died, including his mother. The fight begins; grandfather versus grandson in a brutal battle. Heihachi lands a violent blow on Jin, preparing himself to kill his grandson. He then uses his energy to throw him against the walls. Jin lays unconscious, but memories flood back of his mother teaching him techniques. Jin gets back up to the surprise of Heihachi.

The ending

The fight resumes, and Jin uses the Kazama techniques learned from his mother. As Jin knocks his grandfather to the floor, the pendant falls off him. The sky turns green, and a portal opens, revealing Ogre.

It gets darker as the series reaches nearer to the end.

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