Tekken: Bloodline season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 18, 2022
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Hopefully, we will get a continuation after this.

This recap of the Netflix anime series Tekken: Bloodline season 1, episode 6, the ending explained, contains spoilers.

Here are five reasons to watch Tekken: Bloodline.

Tekken: Bloodline has been worth the wait and the investment. We reach episode 6, and audiences will be wondering whether we will receive more episodes. Let’s recap episode 6.

Tekken: Bloodline season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

Episode 6 begins with Ogre falling from the sky, roaring menacingly. Heihachi picks up the pendant, smiling. Jin remembers how his mother suffered at the hands of this demon.

Jin immediately runs to fight Ogre, but his first efforts are worthless. The other fighters want to help, but Heihachi tells them not to interfere. Jin feels more confident against Jin than when he was a child.

Ogre smashes Jin around easily, and flashbacks return of his mother training him as a child. He also remembers Heihachi’s words that “hesitation is a weakness.” He’s combining both skills – Kazama and Mishima to fight the demon. Jin defeats Ogre. Heihachi asks for the Ogre to be contained, but Jin tells Heihachi that Ogre is dead. Jin also explains that he’s done with Heihachi and the tournament. He blames his grandfather for all the deaths.

But then the sky glows green again, and green energy blasts from the Ogre.

Ogre is now bigger and stronger, and with wings, flying in the sky, a snake as one of its arms. It grabs Jin, but the fighters come to help Jin. Heihachi stands on the side, smiling.

Ogre starts squeezing the neck of Ling Xiaoyu tightly. Jin is desperate to save her, despite being weak. Jin gets up and faces Ogre once again. He annihilates Ogre with a series of brutal attacks. A burst of green energy leaves Ogre and hits the sky. Ogre is finally defeated, for good.

The fighters congratulate Jin for defeating Ogre. Heihachi tells Jin that he has avenged his mother’s death but has the same curse as his father. Heihachi pulls out a gun and shoots Jin square in the chest. He tells the fighters he has rid the world of great and powerful evil. As Heihachi talks, you can see Jin’s body pulsing.

The ending

It then flits to Jin in the afterlife, reunited with his mother. Jin apologizes to his mother and then returns to the living world. With wings, he flies toward Heihachi and beats his grandfather senseless, blood spitting everywhere. Heihachi dares Jin to end it like a true Mishima. Jin flicks the pendant aside after hitting Heihachi once more before flying away.

Hopefully, we will get a continuation after this.

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