Inside the Mind of a Cat review – fur-tastic documentary about house cats

By Romey Norton
Published: August 18, 2022


A documentary exploring the human-cat relationships. 

Netflix documentary Inside the Mind of a Cat was released on the streaming service on Aug 18, 2022.

Netflix has just released their latest documentary, and this is one for serious cat lovers. Forget everything you think you know about cats, as a group of experts uses science to challenge perceptions. With a runtime of 1 hour and 7 minutes, this documentary is easy and informative to watch. While we love watching videos of cats being cute and mischievous, here we have a deep insight into the reasons why they act as they do. 

Some people don’t think cats have a lot to offer, but this documentary is here to prove them wrong. Cats are intelligent, cheeky, caring and of course, crazy. There’s a reason why they rack up millions of views online, funny cat compilations defiantly make people feel happier after watching them. Cats have an interesting history which is briefly touched upon, and we’re taken across the world to see famous historical cats and traditions that have come about because of them.

We learn things such as a cat’s “slow blink”, which is when a cat is showing you that they are happy and friendly. When cats greet each other they touch their noses together, so with a human, you should offer your hand, so they can smell it first. If they like you, they’ll rub their face across you. Just don’t come to cats from above, they’ll take it as a threat and it’ll be intimidating. 

If you want to, you can take away knowledge and tips to help build your relationship with your cat. The more research that is done into cats, the more we can learn, but really it’s always going to be about how we can serve cats. After being a cat mum and sister all my life, I know that cats have a superiority complex and love to be loved; on their terms. 

There are scenes from America’s got Talent, and the experts suggest if you learn a cat’s secrets you can train them to do anything. Personally, I wouldn’t want to train mine to be a show cat, I like them to be crazy and then lazy. Not only do we have beautiful fur babies on our screens to gush over, but there are also shots of big wild cats like cheetahs, showing their comparisons.

Whilst I did think this was a bit short and did finish wanting more, it is still a good watch. Hopefully, we’ll learn more and get another documentary soon. If you like cats, and animals in general, you might learn something you didn’t know before, and be able to take away some new information to share with friends and other cat owners. As this is clearly explained, and has short cartoon sections and funny video clips, this documentary is suitable for both adults and children. 

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