Inside the Mind of a Cat – Everything We Know About the Netflix Documentary

August 10, 2022
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This article discusses the Netflix documentary film Inside the Mind of a Cat, including the premise, release date, and trailer.

Netflix is not stopping with their top-tier, wild, intense, creative, and sometimes over-the-top documentaries. There is always something new to explore and discover with their online collection. Their latest original release is set to be something special for cat lovers. Forget everything you think you know about cats. A new generation of scientists is challenging perceptions. Be prepared to be mesmerized and gushing over your screens as we’re taken through the psychology of cats and meet some seriously cute fur babies along the way.

Netflix has previously released the series Cat People, which was an insight into how much people love and worship their previous pets, but this documentary seems to have a lot more science behind what cats actually do. 

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Netflix documentary film Inside the Mind of a Cat. 

Netflix documentary film Inside the Mind of a Cat release date and runtime

Inside the Mind of a Cat is set to release on August 18, 2022

The runtime is 1 hour 7 minutes 

The premise of Inside the Mind of a Cat

Cat experts dive into the mind of the feline to reveal the true capabilities of the pouncing pet in this captivating and cuddly documentary. 

Our opinion of the premise

I’m very excited about this documentary based on the short premise. While the runtime is short, and I could probably watch an entire series on the science behind cats, I’m confident this will be a fun-filled documentary packed with information. The trailer alone gives us some fun facts about cats and is going to have tips on how to decipher the cat and help us have better relationships with the fun felines. 

As we know, canines have always had the top spot, but cats have so much to offer. Usually, cat people are treated as crazy or stereotyped as single old women with no life. Here, I hope we get to see the science behind why cats are amazing creatures and maybe some historical insight too. 

The production team behind this documentary

Director: Andy Mitchell (known for other TV documentaries such as Nature, Secrets of the Whales, and America’s Deadliest Sharks) 

Is there a trailer for Inside the Mind of a Cat?

This is not an official trailer, but it will certainly give you an idea of what it is about:

What do you think of this documentary? Will you be adding it to your watchlist? Comment below.

You will be able to watch this documentary with a subscription to Netflix.