The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 7 recap – “The Eye”

By Andy -Punter
Published: October 7, 2022
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A slower, less action-packed episode that focuses more on world-building, episode 7 lays the foundations for the coming season finale.

This recap of the Prime Video series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 7, “The Eye,” contains spoilers.

The Rings of Power season 1, episode 6 culminated in some of the most compelling action in the series so far. Episode 7, the penultimate episode in the series, is more reflective. We find ourselves largely dealing with the fallout of the events of episode 6, and it feels as though episode 7, “The Eye”, is more of a ramp-up to what we hope is an explosive season finale. There is, however, still quite a lot contained in this slower paced episode, so let’s get to it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power season 1, episode 7 recap

Galadriel wakes, covered in ash. She makes her way to her feet and surveys the damage done by the volcano to the village. Villagers lie around her, dead, and the village burns. The Queen Regent leads an attempt to rescue surviving villagers from a burning house before it collapses. Just as the survivors are clear, the roof caves in, trapping Isildur inside. 

The Harfoots continue their journey and as Nori and her family catch up to the rest of the Caravan, they discover that the rest of their tribe has stumbled upon the burned-out hollow of a settlement. Sadoc laments that a great evil has been awoken. Perhaps they could ask The Stranger for help? 

The Stranger is studying a tree, muttering under his breath in a language that no one understands. He appears to be experiencing a surge of power, just then the force of his power cracks a tree branch which lands on a small girl. Nori dives on top of her to protect her. The Harfoots look upon the Stranger with fear and horror.

Elrond has an audience with King of the Dwarves and is attempting to negotiate for access to the Mithril. He pleads with the King but first, the king wishes to confer with Durin. The king has decided to close the mine altogether, he deems the whole enterprise too dangerous. He will not risk the lives of Dwarves to save the Elves. 

Durin is forced to break the news to Elrond, who given that the fate of his entire race is on the line is actually pretty gracious about the whole thing. They part on good terms, as Elrond leaves he hands Durin the piece of Mithril that he gave him which in turn, uses its mystical power to restore a leaf sat on the table, foreshadowing how the Mithril can save the Elves. Durin calls Elrond back; clearly, he plans to defy his father’s order. 

Galadriel and Theo are discussing the fate of the village, with Theo determined to wreak bloody revenge on the Orcs. Galadriel calms him, displaying perhaps some emerging wisdom and a cooling of her temperament. They head off in search of survivors. 

Elendil greets the Queen Regent in the woods and shares the news that the house collapsed on Isildur. Elendil escorts the Queen to the makeshift encampment, and we discover that in the chaos she has lost her sight. She begs Elendil to keep this a secret and they press on. 

Sadoc is giving the Stranger some directions towards the “big folk” who might know more about where he can find his stars. It feels much like he is being gently banished from the caravan and when he is ready to leave, Nori shows him one last kindness and gives him an apple to take on his travels.

Galadriel and Theo compare losses. Galadriel tells Theo how she lost her husband Celeborn to the Orcs. Both of them are carrying the burden of being at fault for the hilt getting into the wrong hands. Galadriel warns him that carrying the burden for too long will make it hard to put it down once again. 

Durin and Elrond have begun to mine for Mithril, the mine is unstable and threatens to collapse at any moment. The two share a nice bonding moment when Elrond reveals that he lost their contest on purpose. Durin gets back to work and discovers a tract in the mine full of Mithril. Just as they make this discovery, they find themselves disturbed by the King, who immediately has Elrond banished. 

The king is sat with Durin and tells him how ever since he was a baby, he suspected that greatness lies within him. Durin bites back and tells his Father that Elrond is like a brother to him and that he is betraying the future of the Dwarves with his caution. 

Nori wakes up and finds that the orchard which was all burnt up is now once more green and full of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Stranger, it appears, did manage to do some good after all. Whilst out collecting water Poppy notices a potential threat, in the form of a large footstep. She drops her water bucket and runs. The bucket runs down the river and is collected by three strange figures in cloaks and strange armour. They do not look friendly. 

Our new scary-looking strangers are inspecting the tree that The Stranger rescued earlier, and head off after him. Nori, watching this interrupts them and tries to send them in the wrong direction. Nori’s father comes to her rescue and threatens the new gang of evil Strangers. They respond by burning their settlement to the ground. 

Theo and Galadriel arrive at the encampment. Theo finds the medical tent and takes in just how much pain and suffering has been caused. He is scanning, looking for his mother. As he stoops to check one of the bodies, he hears a voice. It’s his mother Bronwyn and not only that, but Arondir is also alive. Galadriel appears and asks for the Queen Regent. 

Elendil sits with now blind Queen Regent and informs her that they are ready to return to Numenor. Galadriel approaches and kneels before the Queen. The Queen appears more determined than ever to protect the Southlands. They will leave and return with strength, as much as that causes the grieving Elendil enormous pain. 

The ending

The Harfoots are once again clearing up the devastation, when all seems lost Nori’s father Largo gives a rousing speech to rally the ailing Harfoots, and you can see where Nori’s spirit comes from. Nori, inspired, declares that she will go in search of The Stranger. She will be joined in her adventure by the rest of her family and Saddoc. 

Galadriel and Arondir discuss their next steps. Galadriel will go to the high king of the Elves and discuss what they should do. As they make their plans, Brownyn wants to know what they should do with Halbrand. Halbrand has been wounded and requires the help of Elvish medicine to recover. He will ride with Galadriel and they will return to lead the Southlanders. 

Durin sits with Disa and they console one another. Disa stirs her husband with a speech reminding him that he will be king soon, and when he is, they will dig for all the Mithril they want. 

The King, alone in the cave where Elrond and Durin were digging, finds the restored leaf and tosses it into the mine. It floats its way right to the bottom, into the path of the Balrog. 

Adar address his Orcs in the wake of his victory, they hail him and he declares the Southlands shall now be known as Mordor. 

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