Echoes season 1 – who knew about the twins darkest secret?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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This article, “who knew about the twins darkest secret,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix limited series Echoes season 1.

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As the plot unravels in Echoes, it becomes clear that Leni and Gina aren’t the only ones who know about their immoral switcheroo. Other players in the thriller are also privy to this deep, dark secret and use it to their own advantage. It’s a great premise, two identical twins swapping lives once a year, but the creators add an extra depth to proceedings by having other cast members who are also aware of this mysterious deceit.

Echoes season 1 – who knew about the twins darkest secret?

The first character that is clearly aware of the switching is Charlie Davenport, who gets creepier as the secrets are revealed. Gina’s husband figured out that the twins were swapping lives each year entirely on his own. They don’t fully explain how he knows other than one clear indicator. Charlie can smell the difference between the identical twins. The sisters make sure they have the exact same appearance, but were blindsided by the scent. Charlie somehow can tell them apart by smell alone and decides to keep this his own little secret. Once he is aware, he pretends to go along with the lie anyway.

Gina finds out this horrid truth when she is snooping round his office one day. She has had enough of all the lies and trickery, she just wants to escape it. But the writer needs money, so she goes hunting through her husband’s files. Gina comes across the stack of journals, where she makes the unfortunate discovery.

The other individual who is aware of their secret is Dylan. Gina’s teenage lover returns to town in the present. Gina sparks a new relationship with her ex and tries to win him over. Dylan hated Leni though and Gina must confess to everything in order to keep the romance alive. She reveals the whole history and goes into fine detail about the many circumstances of the switching. Dylan is also in love with Gina and is happy to ignore all their past discrepancies anyway. They plan their getaway, but Leni arrives just in time to ruin their scheming.

When the twins are finally arrested, they admit to the whole con and in turn their family are informed of the lie. Once a few people know about the lie, it spreads like a virus throughout Mount Echo, until everyone knows about their swapping. This is no surprise to Charlie, but a devastating blow to Jack and Claudia. As Jack explains, the lie will ruin the family as gossip and rumors take over. Jack becomes a laughing stock and the family are sure to be forced out of town.

The twins did a great job of keeping the con a secret for all those years, but it was bound to come out in the end. Charlie’s discovery was highly unpredictable, but Dylan needed to know out of necessity. Did anyone else suspect? It is also likely that the father may have had an inkling, but Jack seems to be the only one who was completely conned by the setup.

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