Echoes season 1 – who drowned in the bathtub?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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This article, “who drowned in the bathtub,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix limited series Echoes season 1.

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One of the twins has traumatic flashbacks to an incident that involved a man, a woman and a bath tub, which plagues her thoughts into adult life. This integral memory serves as a catalyst for all the horror that comes later. We are only given snippets of the scene throughout the series and only near the end do we finally get to see the whole picture. So, who was drowned in the bath tub and what are the circumstances around this horrific event?

Echoes season 1 – who drowned in the bathtub?

Leni was the sister who had these flashes from her past. They are triggered by certain events, including an overflowing bath tub at her hotel suite. In the flashback there is a man drowning a woman in a bath tub. It is later revealed that her father Victor was the man and her mother Maria was the woman. The audience suspect that Maria died from her illness, possibly cancer, but in reality she was killed by her own husband.

This memory is triggered again when Leni walks past her childhood bathroom and the trauma comes flooding back to her. The sisters finally discuss the death after a fight in a river. Leni believes that her father killed their mother in cold blood, but Gina thinks it was out of sympathy. Maria was suffering from her disease and wanted to end her life. Victor decided to drown her to put an end to her pain, making it a kind of assisted suicide.

Gina was told as much just before Victor passed away. He mentioned the bath tub, her mother and apple blossom. Victor thought the death messed Gina up as a child, leading to her troubled path. He tries to convince her that it was a thoughtful act, explaining how he put apple blossom in the bath as this was something that she loved. Gina believes her father and thinks it was a sympathetic act because of the apple blossom, but Leni disagrees.

Victor thought that Gina was the one who saw the act and that this subsequently messed her up. But it was Leni who witnessed the murder. She was burdened with this trauma and kept it a secret from Gina to protect her sister. This one defining act led Victor to believe Gina was the troubled twin and needed the therapy, whilst Leni got away with it. Leni needed the therapy more than Gina though. This traumatic death sent Leni on the troubled path that ended in all this heartache. She may not have been so controlling or jealous had she been given the therapy and counselling she so desperately needed.

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