Bad Sisters season 1, episode 2 recap – “Explode a Man”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022
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Through lengthy flashbacks, the writers generate endless motives for murder. JP is a truly abominable creation that you can’t help but detest. This is another captivating installment that leaves viewers eager to find out more.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 2, “Explode a Man,” contains spoilers.

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Episode one of Bad Sisters introduced a killer premise, a gang of sisters involved in the possible murder of a vile brother-in-law. In the second instalment, further flashbacks reveal just how far their disgust for this man, John Paul, actually went and why they desperately sought his demise. Whilst in the present, insurance brothers Thomas and Matthew continue their investigation, as they try to avoid a massive pay-out.

Bad Sisters season 1, episode 2 recap

“Explode a Man” opens with Eva burning a photograph of John Paul, whilst downing glass after glass of wine. The Claffin brothers arrive at her home to question the first Garvey sister. Matthew is apprehensive of Thomas’ prying, but the brother explains, if she is innocent then she’ll tell us to leave. Those who have something to hide will want to prove their innocence. It’s a clever notion, one that Eva completely falls for. They question the sister, but she remains vague and sarcastic. As they leave, Thomas nabs her rubbish, hoping to find some extra clues in the bin bags.

Becka tries to organize a date with Matthew, although he ignores the clumsy massage therapist, concentrating on the investigation instead. Thomas wants to exhume JP’s body, to find more evidence of foul play. Matthew believes his half-brother has lost the plot, but Thomas may be on to something. At the coroners, it is revealed that the teetotaler was heavily intoxicated on inspection. If Thomas wants a post-mortem then they will need to take this up with the police and obtain a signature from the widow.

Next they question Grace, who is equally as nervous and as vague as her sister. They probe her about Eva’s motives and distaste for JP. Grace lies through her teeth and Thomas asks for her to sign some mandatory paperwork. It is all a con though, he is actually getting her to sign off on the post-mortem. Matthew is mortified Thomas is sinking to such lows and states that this isn’t like him. Thomas won’t let it go though and soldiers on.

Through flashbacks, which take up the majority of the episode, the show runners lay the groundwork for all this criminal behavior. At Grace’s house, JP is scarily manipulative and controlling towards his wife and daughter. Whilst at work, he clashes with Eva. She’s up for the financial director role and JP throws his hat into the ring as well, competing with the relative.

Suspicions about Ursula are finally validated, she is cheating on her husband with a photography teacher. The man writes in red pen across her stomach and then later, the scandalous couple are caught in public together by JP. Ursula introduces Ben to JP, but you just know he’s going to use this secret to his advantage in the near future. That night, Ursula’s husband makes the move in the bedroom and she must frantically clean off the graffiti on her skin before getting intimate. This affair looks set to ruin their family and I bet JP can’t help but reveal the truth.

JP has a habit of unnerving all the family members and his sudden arrival always kills the atmosphere. This is no clearer than at Grace’s house. Grace, her daughter and Eva are happily dancing to music and his return causes silence and a complete change in tone. The daughter stops dancing and Grace is ordered into doing chores. Eva’s hatred of JP only grows at a family event. He berates Eva for buying his daughter a bra, lays insults on his own daughter and then brings up Eva’s fertility issues once more.

The ending

Bibi is ready to attack this abominable man, but manages to show restraint. The thought of killing JP is all but consuming her and she seeks out Eva’s opinions on the matter. Eva says she hates him, but they aren’t murderers, they can’t just kill him. Although after the altercation at the confirmation, Eva swiftly changes her mind. Bibi has planned it all out, they shall blow him up and make it look like an accident. JP is hiking in the forest and spending the night in a cabin. They rig the place and await his arrival. The explosion works a treat with the cabin up in flames, but JP wasn’t inside at that exact time and survived unscathed. They look on in horror as he escapes the blaze.

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