Echoes Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – “Party”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Echoes Season 1 Episode 3 Recap
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Echoes rapidly unravels before your very eyes, with farfetched, convoluted plotting and unlikeable characters.

In the past in Echoes Season 1 Episode 3, identical twins Leni and Gina would meet up on their birthday to orchestrate their scandalous switchover, where they would swap lives for another year. This special event would normally take place in an extravagant destination (such as Paris), allowing them the chance to catch up and hone their elaborate lie in private.

This year things have turned out quite differently though, with Gina on the run and Leni being hounded by the police for a possible criminal cover-up. These two warring siblings finally reconnect at their birthday party, where all hell breaks loose.

Echoes Season 1 Episode 3 Recap

Leni calls Dylan at the start of episode three, asking for his help. After the incriminating photographs she received in episode two’s finale, she believes Gina is angry with her and acting unpredictably. She needs Dylan to track her down before she does something she’ll regret. A flashback validates Leni’s worries. In the faded memory, Gina wrote in her diary about hating being a twin, wanting Leni dead and even contemplating killing her sister herself. They later decide to share a diary because of this event, wanting no more secrets between them. The shared diary would eventually become an online, electronic diary instead, but Leni never forgot that first betrayal.

It’s the day of the twins’ birthday and Leni’s father Victor McCleary has invited the entire town to the party. Leni tries to keep up her many lies about Gina’s whereabouts at the breakfast table, but has her work cut out with this latest proposal. How is she going to get her sister to the party, when she is on the run? Before this catastrophic party, Leni has a few errands to run. She meets with Deputy Paula, who informs her that Floss has been looking into the church fire more closely and she suspects there is a connection between that and Leni’s disappearance.

Leni then dresses up as Gina, applying make-up and straightening her hair. She meets with Meg and they discuss Leni. She is desperate to know what has transpired in the year she has been away. Meg explains that when her cousin Dylan came back into town, Leni’s whole behavior changed and she threatened Meg. Then, Leni dresses back as herself, sporting braided hair and earrings. She visits Dylan’s grandmother Mrs. Taylor, asking about Dylan’s location and the church fire some more.

Leni is called about a bank transfer that is occurring this afternoon for 60k and she races over to the bank. As she arrives, Dylan and Gina exit the building looking like a Bonnie and Clyde rip-off. Leni gives chase, but they escape in Dylan’s red truck. Gina enters the bank and withdraws the money anyway. Dylan and Gina must have tried to take the cash, but were denied without any identification. It’s exciting to see the twins reunited for one split second and it clarifies Dylan’s involvement in the whole scam. They were working together and Dylan just played dumb when Leni visited.

Flashbacks reveal Gina and Dylan’s blossoming romance, whilst highlighting the odd, love triangle between the twins and Jack. Gina loved Jack, so Leni decided to share her boyfriend with her sister, all it seemed to take was swapping clothes to convince the partner. The raging jealousy between these twins seems to have spilled over into adult life though and what a mess their switching has created.

In the present, Dylan arrives at the ranch, demanding his money and the passport. Leni squares up to her rival and he threatens to tell Jack the whole darn story. Jack watches this argument from the window and suspects this is Leni’s new man. He tries to address the affair, but Gina calls in the middle of their discussion and Leni rushes back to the hotel. Gina has left her a present, the shared diary. Gina then sends a photograph, threatening to tell their father the whole story if she doesn’t receive her payment and passport straight away.

Echoes Season 1 Episode 3 Ending 

At the party, Leni tries to speak with Gina privately, but is approached by many individuals first. Jack wants to discuss the affair, Sheriff Floss is there to stir the pot and other family members (including husband Charlie) want a minute of her time. Jack argues with Leni in front of everyone about the affair and it is revealed that Charlie wired them the money.

Eventually, Gina and Leni are reunited in person. Gina admits that her life is a mess and she wants a fresh start. She shows Leni a memory stick containing all the electronic diary files and proposes handing this to anyone who would be interested. Leni states that this revelation would ruin lives and break hearts, but Gina is past caring. She wants to save her own life at any cost, she wants out. Leni informs Gina that their father only has six months to live and they are then brought into the house to blow out the candles on their shared birthday cake.

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