Echoes Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – “Body”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Echoes Season 1 Episode 4 Recap
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Weak dialogue intercut with monotonous, tensionless sequences. This is a real paper-thin thriller that provides no stakes, no emotional connections and implausible storylines.

As the title suggests, Echo Season 1 Episode 4 centers on the discovery of the charred remains of a body. This unique murder brings about many possible suspects and opens up the case further as we delve deeper into this mysterious criminal underworld. Leni hopes to find her missing sister, who just wants to get off the grid, while Gina has her own plans.

Echoes Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

“Body” starts right where the third episode ended, with Leni screaming into the darkness, looking for her missing daughter. Mattie skips back to her mother nonchalantly. She has just said goodbye to Auntie Gina, who is heading back to the hotel. Charlie then heads after his wife. These twins seem happy to mess with their partner’s lives, yet Charlie doesn’t seem to be that concerned.

The next morning a billow of smoke rises in the distance. Jack and Leni go to investigate. The fire is coming from a burnt car, which contains a burnt body. Floss thinks the corpse is Dylan James and she asks to speak with the couple in private. The Sheriff explains that Dylan was slashed with a knife across the abdomen and killed long before the body was set on fire. Floss asks about a fresh bruise on Jack’s forehead. He lies and says a horse caused it. Gina has disappeared once again and Floss wants to know her whereabouts too. It would seem they are all suspects in Floss’s eyes.

When they are alone, Jack and Leni have a deeper discussion. This awful excuse for a couple have so many secrets from one another it is a miracle they are still together. Jack says that the bruise came from an altercation with Towers and Payne. These thugs had a fight with Jack over the stolen foal. Jack owes the ranchers 75k plus interest, which he just can’t afford.

Jack is later arrested. His tire tracks match those found at the scene of the crime and the police found vials of ketamine from Jack’s office on Dylan’s person. Leni says she’ll sort him out with a lawyer and wants to fight for his immediate release. Again, why is she all of a sudden battling in his corner? Leni never seemed that enthralled with Jack to begin with. Back on the farm, Leni’s father accuses Leni of been the possible killer, as she also has access to the truck and ketamine.

Insult to injury, Victor receives a phone call that Gina is in hospital. Victor and Leni drive over with Charlie, but they’re too late, Gina has escaped. The doctor states that she was disoriented and bleeding. Charlie and Leni search the vicinity, but Leni ends the hunt early and catches up with her own imprisoned partner instead. Jack asks for the whole truth and Lexi lies, saying she just wanted to be free. Jack admits they are broke and the crooked ranchers Towers and Payne want paying. Leni replies that she’ll fix it all.

Gina calls, informing her sister that Towers and Payne are after her, she needs Leni’s help pronto. Leni agrees to meet her at Dylan’s grandmother’s house. When Leni arrives, Georgia explains that the thugs chased after Gina only moments ago. This stilted sequence of events really has no tension to it. One event occurring after the other with no stakes.

Echoes Season 1 Episode 4 Ending

Leni meets up with the thugs on Tower’s premises. She passes them the 60k check. They seem unaware of Jack’s story of the brawl and try to intimidate Leni, insinuating another kidnapping. She defends herself and manages to flee. Although, Gina has now chosen not to answer her phone and Leni speeds around town unsure of her next move.

The police pull her over and Leni is subsequently arrested, not for speeding but for the murder of Dylan. Back at the station, Floss lays out all the evidence for her to see. There are photographs of Leni’s transaction with Towers and Payne. Floss says this is evidence of influencing witnesses. Then she brings out the knife and broken knife handle from her car. Gina helped them track Leni down and it looks like she may have also framed her sister for the murder after all.

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