Echoes Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – “Fire”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Echoes Season 1 Episode 6 Recap
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This show continues to be too smart for its own good but hints at a bigger picture once again. The mysteries keep on unraveling, which brings entertainment, but as always, the experience is marred by confusion and exposition.

Episode 5 managed to pull off the implausible, delivering a genuinely intriguing storyline that backed up all the mystery. With all the plot out in the open there still remains a few secrets to explore and loyal viewers will want to know the outcome of all this chaos. In Echoes Season 1 Episode 6, “Fire”, both twins are questioned separately and again, more is revealed, but the narrative continues to become ever murkier.

Echoes Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The final pieces of the puzzle are uncovered when Gina wakes in the hospital. It is the day after Dylan’s death. She is confused and then overcome with sadness, the baby hasn’t survived. Gina has had her second miscarriage. Gina makes her escape, then calls Leni about the lie involving Towers and Payne, before planting evidence in Leni’s car. This brings us nicely back up to date and the two twins are questioned separately.

Firstly Leni, who says she has been framed by Gina. Her sister is unstable and is the one who should be interrogated. Leni asks who made the anonymous phone call, was it a man or a woman? Implying that Leni sent the photograph and made the call. Then it is Gina’s turn. She is arrested for the murder of Robert Craghorne, who died in the church fire twenty five years ago. Clearly Leni has thrown her sister under the bus on this one.

Floss thinks Leni and Dylan were having an affair. Dylan is the main connection between the church fire and the current charade. Gina pleads her innocence and states that Leni started the fire. Floss appears to have a vendetta against the twins, believing that they deceive others, confusing people with their identical looks. Floss can’t quite prove their misdeeds though, but she will stop at nothing to uncover the truth.

Leni is then questioned for a second time. Explaining that she was handed the 60k check. Her father is allowed into the interrogation room. He seems ashamed of both his daughters. One is accused of murder, the other of arson and accidental murder. Floss watches Victor interact with Leni via the monitor. Paula informs the Sheriff that Dylan and Gina’s DNA is all over the cabin. She asks Leni if they were sharing Dylan, forming her own theory in real time. Maybe the motive was jealousy, maybe Gina was pregnant with Dylan’s baby?

Floss moves back to Gina again, showing her the CCTV footage that proves her hospital visit. She tells Gina that she is the emotional twin, her father explained that was how their mother told them apart. Gina was in love with Dylan and they were about to have a child together, but the timeline is all off. Floss demands to know the truth and Gina actually confesses outright to everything, well most of it. She tells the Sheriff about the annual switching. Floss is annoyed by this flippant remark, which she thinks is just another lie, but admits if it is true, then they are dealing with identity theft, bank fraud and polygamy to name but a few of their sins. Floss informs Leni of Gina’s confession and they are both free to go.

The confession and immediate release means that the family and then the whole town will know of this scandalous secret. Charlie isn’t fussed by the reveal, having figured it out himself. Yet Jack is livid, telling Leni that she has ruined his reputation, business and daughter’s future. He will be a laughing stock of the town and tells her to leave, never to return again.

Echoes Season 1 Episode 6 Ending

Claudia is equally angry and Gina admits that it was Leni that pushed her all those years ago. Viewers are then given a reconstruction of the event via another flashback. Claudia states that it doesn’t matter who pushed her, she still feels betrayed. That lie did ruin Gina and Claudia’s relationship though and had a huge effect on Gina’s future. Another event that altered Gina’s life is briefly mentioned by her father in the next scene.

Gina returns to the family home to find Victor has collapsed. He apologizes to her, saying that he should have taken her to therapy after she saw a traumatic ordeal as a child. It is hinted that this may be the bath tub flashback, which could involve her mother somehow. Then Victor dies and Leni arrives on the scene. Leni wants to cover it up again, starting a new lie on top of all the others. Gina pulls a gun on her, asking why she killed Dylan. Leni says it was self-defense and then the twins tussle. Another fire is started and the childhood home goes up in flames. These twins should not be allowed near an open flame ever again.

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