Echoes Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: January 31, 2024)
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Echoes Season 1 Episode 7 Recap
Echoes Season 1 (Image Credit to Netflix)


A shamelessly rushed finale doesn’t make much sense. This is a poor ending, with bad special effects, clichéd dialogue, and lackluster twists. This show thinks it is a lot smarter than it actually is.

In a somewhat rushed season finale, the entire sorry saga comes to an end, or so we think in Echoes Season 1 Episode 7. Gina and Leni have their final showdown where the final secrets are revealed, and Sheriff Floss draws ever closer to solving the entire mess once and for all.

Echoes Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

“Falls” begins only moments after the previous instalment ended, as the twins quarrel in the midst of a house fire. Leni seems set on covering the whole debacle up, whilst Gina just wants an out. She runs away from her sister, heading upstairs. Leni has flashes of the bath tub trauma again and finds Gina has escaped out of the window. The twins chase one another on horseback as the home burns to the ground behind them.

Further flashbacks reveal that it was in fact Leni who started the church fire all those years ago, although she left one salient piece of evidence behind at the crime scene. A lion charm from her bracelet fell off right where she lit the fire. This evidence is boxed away at the police station, but Floss is sure to find it one day and hopefully pin the arson on Leni.

In the present, Leni and Gina tussle in a river, with some distractingly poor special effects shots to boot. Leni begins to drown her sister, which triggers flashbacks to her mother’s death. Maria was drowned in the family bathtub by her father and it was Leni who saw. The twins argue in the river about whether the death was planned or murder. Gina pleads that because there was apple blossoms in the bath that this implies it wasn’t murder, but it is a rather odd choice of argument. Either way, the twins were traumatized by this death and a drowning seems like the most random of suicide options. The whole subplot is a confusing mess to be honest.

Gina then purposefully falls backwards off the water’s edge and plunges into the waterfall’s depths, never to be seen again. The home is reduced to ashes and Sheriff Floss finds the twins’ bracelets in the wreckage. Later, when they find Leni, she lies stating that Gina confessed to killing Dylan before she jumped. Floss doesn’t buy it or the true story that Victor died of a heart condition before the fire broke out. These twins are hard to believe at the best of times and have an unprecedented history of manipulation working against them.

Floss asks Paula to investigate the evidence locker some more and she finds the lion charm. They try to lure Leni into a confession and bait her with this trinket. Paula passes the charm to Leni at the local diner, but she manages to avoid the police officers and escapes out the back. This is another unbelievable sequence of events, how would she be able to evade the police so easily? Leni says her final goodbyes to Mattie and then boards a plane to Australia. While she is making her way through the airport, she uses a fake passport and the assistant mentions her doppelganger flying to Kansas the day before. Both twins are hoping to flee their sorry pasts once more.

The police search Leni’s house and Floss finds more lion themed ornaments in the home. Jack explains how the twins’ mother called her Leni the lion. Again, the scenes don’t seem to quite add up. Were Paula and Floss on the same page with the lion charm? Are these scenes out of order? In the end, Floss is handed a memory stick, which contains the twins’ electronic diary entries and hopefully she will use this evidence wisely.

Echoes Season 1 Ending Explained

The series shoots forwards months, maybe years and Charlie has capitalized on the unfathomable story, making his own novel out of the twins’ lives. One of the twins, dressed in a disguise, asks Charlie a question about Gina’s missing body and then later, Gina meets with Charlie at his mansion home. In what is sure to be a final, shocking twist, but one that doesn’t quite work, Gina acts all mysteriously, stating that it wasn’t her who asked the question at the book signing. Charlie is now totally unsure which sister he is dealing with and vows to find out the truth no matter what. He asks why Gina is back and she says she has scores to settle.

It’s a fittingly rushed finale that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense really. The show yearns to make clever plot twists and stunning reveals, but squanders its potential with unrealistic sequences and maddening ambiguity. The writers are clearly leaving things open-ended too, in the hopes of a follow-up season.

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