Here’s everything that happened in Echoes Season 1

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Echoes Season 1 Recap
Echoes Season 1 (Image Credit to Netflix)

Netflix’s latest thriller Echoes promises an intriguing mystery and plenty of double-crossing. The story revolves around identical twins Gina and Leni, who swap lives every year until one of the twins goes missing. This suspicious event unlocks a whole world of corruption and secrecy. With such an elaborate plot to unravel it is easy to get confused. So here’s a breakdown and recap of what happened in each episode of Echoes Season 1:

Episode 1 – “Home”

Successful writer Gina, who leads an extravagant lifestyle in LA, must return to her childhood home after her identical twin sister Leni goes missing. Things seem off to Gina when she arrives back at the family ranch. Jack is cagey and struggling with financial issues, one of her childhood dolls has been vandalized and they’ve hired a nanny to babysit her niece Mattie. Her father, Victor, is also hiding something, but won’t say. The police explain the details surrounding Leni’s disappearance, which could be a kidnapping. The criminals released horses and raided the office. The search party find nothing, but Gina goes straight to the twins’ hideout spot, a cave behind a waterfall. There she discovers Leni’s clothes laid out for her and a message telling Gina to assume Leni’s identity. A flashback reveals that the twins used to swap identities all the time as teenagers, then they began to switch annually as adults. Gina returns to the ranch dressed as Leni.

Episode 2 – “Birthday”

In the second episode it is revealed that the woman we thought was Gina was actually the real Leni all along. So Leni is now back to playing herself again, but because she has been away a year, she doesn’t know what is going on. Leni lies about the kidnappers attacking her and Sheriff Floss is instantly suspicious. Jack also knows Leni is lying and hints at her wanting to escape and possibly having an affair. Leni acquires Gina’s phone history and calls random numbers, discovering that Gina was a drug dealer and was having an affair with Dylan, her old flame. Leni tracks down Dylan, who instinctively knows she isn’t the real Gina. Leni pretends to be both twins, which is an exhausting act to keep up. Leni then begs Gina to come home. Gina leaves her a message, stating that she knows Leni killed a man in a church fire and she has proof. She demands Leni lets her go.

Episode 3 – “Party”

It’s the twins’ birthday and Victor invites the whole town to the party. Leni continues to play the part of both twins, investigating why Leni would want to leave and what happened the year she was away. She’d fallen out with her best friend Meg, who is Dylan’s cousin, and was wrapped up in some criminal activity. Leni is informed of a bank transfer and spies Gina with Dylan at the bank. They asked Charlie to send them 60k, but can’t withdraw the cash without ID. So Leni takes the money instead. Dylan asks Leni for the money and a fake passport she has stolen. Jack watches this argument and thinks Dylan is having an affair with his wife. This leads to a public quarrel at the party. Gina begs Leni for the passport, saying she just wants to leave this life behind and start a new one. But if she doesn’t hand them over, Gina will tell everyone their secrets.

Episode 4 – “Body”

The morning after the party, Dylan is found dead in a burnt down car and Gina is missing again. Jack is arrested as a prime suspect and questioned down at the station. Victor thinks Leni might be the killer though. They are informed that Gina has been found and is in hospital. Victor, Leni and Charlie rush to the hospital, but she escapes again. Jack admits that they had financial problems and he got into business with some crooked ranchers. Leni uses the 60k check to pay off these criminals. She is then arrested by Floss for the murder of Dylan James. Floss lays out all the evidence that proves their suspicions and the Sheriff explains that Gina helped. Has her own sister framed her?

Episode 5 – “Gina”

In a rather lengthy flashback, Gina tells Dylan her entire life history. The twins’ mother favored them over their other sister Claudia. The twins bullied Claudia and caused her to become wheelchair bound. Gina took the blame for the accident and was from then on seen as Bad Gina. As teens the twins started switching identities. They shared everything, even Jack. Gina loved Jack, but Leni ended up with him. There was a lot of jealousy and bitterness over this issue. Gina moved on to Dylan. At a Halloween Party, Dylan and Gina were involved in a church fire, where a homeless man died, and Dylan subsequently fled town in a blind panic. The twins married and both became pregnant at the same time, but Gina miscarried. Leni struggled as a mother and the twins decided to swap lives so they could both be parents. Leni became controlling and interfered with Gina’s life though. Gina planned her escape. Back at the ranch in Mount Echo, Gina pretended to be Leni and started to socialize with Dylan again. The real Gina confessed to Dylan, explaining the whole story. Pregnant with Dylan’s child, they decided to runaway earlier than planned, but Leni ruined their scheme. It’s heavily implied that Leni stabbed Dylan before they could escape.

Episode 6 – “Fire”

Dylan died from his knife wound and Gina burned the body by setting fire to his truck. The next day, Gina woke in hospital. She was told that she had miscarried again and escaped before her family arrived. Gina sought revenge and framed Leni, causing her to be arrested. In the present, Leni is questioned by Floss. The Sheriff then arrests Gina for the church fire, which in turn killed Robert Craghorne. Both twins lie, twisting each other’s stories. Floss discovers that Gina was pregnant with Dylan’s child, but the timeline is off. Gina confesses to switching, but Floss just cannot believe this tall tale. The twins are freed, but their secret is out. Charlie isn’t surprised, as he knew all along, yet Jack is furious and wants a divorce. Gina admits that it was Leni who pushed Claudia, but she doesn’t care either way. Victor collapses and dies, making his own confession with his final breaths. He implies that Gina is messed up because she saw something traumatic happen to her mother as a child. Leni and Gina argue and accidentally start a fire.

Episode 7 – “Falls”

Gina escapes the fire, but Leni chases her on horseback. They fight in a river at the waterfall’s edge. Leni confesses to seeing her mother drown as a child, which she kept a secret from Gina. The twins argue whether their dad killed their mother as part of a shared plan or if it was cold-blooded murder. Gina believes it was planned because there was apple blossoms in the bath. Gina jumps into the waterfall. It is revealed that Leni started the church fire, but left evidence at the scene of the crime. Paula finds this evidence and gives it back to Leni in an attempt to trick her into a confession. Leni says goodbye to her daughter and boards a flight to Australia with a fake passport. Gina escapes to Kansas. Floss is handed a memory stick containing the twins’ electronic diary entries. Charlie writes a book about the twins and Gina returns to him years later, saying she has some scores to settle. Or is it Gina after all?

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Echoes season 1. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.

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