Renewed or cancelled – will there be a Season 5 of In the Dark?

August 22, 2022
Jonathon Wilson 18
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This article discusses the possibility of In the Dark Season 5 and the show’s renewed or canceled status. It may contain spoilers for previous seasons. 

It used to be that The CW was where shows went if they wanted to live forever. The channel, owned by CBS Entertainment Group (part of Paramount Global) and Warner Bros. Entertainment (part of Warner Bros. Discovery), put less of a premium on raw viewing figures than elsewhere and often renewed its entire slate irrespective of how many people were watching the individual shows. However, with The CW having been sold, that means major shake-ups in terms of operation, so the network has radically stripped down its slate. With that in mind, the future of In the Dark looked bleak even before its fourth season premiere.

Here’s what we know.

Renewed or canceled status – Will there be a Season 5 of In the Dark?

Status: Canceled

Yes, The CW already put the nail in the show’s coffin ahead of its fourth season, and it joins a long — and increasing — list of cancelations on the network, including Charmed, Dynasty, Tom Swift, and even better-known shows like Batwoman.

Some might be curious about the potential of a renewal if fourth-season viewership were to magically spike, or if some other crucial indicator of popularity, such as social media traction, were to indicate that there was still an ardent fanbase. However, no such luck. I think it’s a pretty safe bet that we’ve seen the last of this one.

What is In the Dark?

For the benefit of those not already in the know, here’s an official synopsis from Wikipedia:

An irreverent blind woman in her twenties, Murphy, drifts through life in a drunken haze. She has only two friends—Jess, her understanding roommate, and Tyson, a teenage drug-dealer who saved her from a violent mugging. Out for a walk with her guide dog, Pretzel, she stumbles upon a corpse that must be Tyson’s, but it disappears before the police arrive. When they do not seem inclined to investigate, Murphy clings onto the only thing that can keep her together: figuring out what happened to her friend. She resolves to solve the murder herself, while also managing her colorful dating life and the job she hates at “Guiding Hope”, a school run by her parents for training guide dogs.